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    DISCLAIMER: This page contains archived information for this program. It is posted for reference only. You may experience broken links since we do not maintain hyperlinks on archived pages.

    14 August 2009 - Washington Post Article
    National Park Service Free Park Weekends Having Little Effect

    12 February 2007 - Age and Disability Discount Passes
    The above links to information that has been posted on the Visitor Page to inform the public about changes in the discount passes for recreation fees due to the implementation of the America the Beautiful - the National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Pass.

    1 September 2005 - Annual Day Use Passes
    I would like to inform you that Lynda Nutt, who manages the National Operations Center for the Corps Water Safety Program, has assumed responsibility for procuring the Annual Day Use Passes beginning in 2006. You are all familiar with Lynda and the superior service she has provided you for Water Safety. Im confident she will provide a similar level of service for the Annual Passes.

    Please join me in thanking Lynda for assuming this responsibility in support of the nationwide recreation program.

    Thank you,
    Judy Rice

    12 January 2005 - Louisville District news release on annual day use passes

    17 September 2001
    In June of 2000, the Use Fee Task Force requested field comments on updating ER 1130-2-550, Chapter 9, and EP 1130-2-550, Chapter 9. The text of all field comments received and a Task Force response to each comment are provided below. The draft update of the regulation will be posted at this location upon completion of headquarters review.

  • 12 June 2000 Email Request for Comments  Corps Castle
  • Comments and Task Force Responses  Corps Castle

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