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New Postings

Records 1 - 20 of 161 from 2021 & 2022

  • CECW-ON: E-mails and Memos (15 September 2022)
      Annual Update - NRM Assessment Schedule

  • Stewardship News September 2022 (12 September 2022)
      This issue features articles on:
    • Garrison Project Acquires Mussel - Muscle to Assist with ANS Prevention Efforts
    • ENS National Initiatives Viewer – New Modules
    • New Nationwide Genetic Study of the Aquatic Invasive Plant, Hydrilla verticillate, Aims to Detect Cryptic Population of a Recently Introduced Biotype
    • Paleontological Discoveries on the Columbia River
    • Master Plan Revisions: Norfork Lake Example
    • Building Beaver Dam Analogues Below Chief Joseph Dam
    • National Funding for the Sustainable Rivers Program - 2023
    • And much more

  • CECW-ON: E-mails and Memos (31 August 2022)
      Excellence in Partnerships and Volunteer Award Nomination Requests- S: 02 December 2022

  • Partnership and Volunteer Program Newsletter, September 2022 (27 August 2022)
      In this edition we are showcasing:
      • New National MOU with the Federal Interagency Council on Outdoor Recreation (FICOR)
      • SWF District-wide MOU for Prescribed Fire
      • Mississippi River Project STEM Externships
      • Partnerships in NRM Class Field trip to Allatoona and Carters Lakes
      • LRH Lending Tackle Box Program
      • Blue Marsh TRACK Trails Program
      • Veterans Memorial Park at Stockton Lake
      • Summersville Leave No Trace Hotspot Program event
      • NRM Gateway Spotlight: Schools/University Partnerships
      • Important Dates to Remember
      • Meet Your PAC team

  • CECW-ON: E-mails and Memos (24 August 2022)
      Hiram M. Chittenden Award for Interpretive Excellence

  • CECW-ON: E-mails and Memos (24 August 2022)
      Natural Resource Management Employee of the Year: Mr Christopher Alford (NWW)

  • Recreation News August 2022 (23 August 2022)
      This issue features articles on:
    • An update on the importance of completing the collection of recreation backlog data and the Park Ranger Safety Survey
    • Black Warrior and Tombigbee Lakes share their experience in utilizing “small” unmanned aircraft systems
    • The Piney Woods Region and Sam Rayburn share their experience with automated fee machines since implementation
    • Some great examples of the water safety partnership that is saving lives
    • And much more!

  • CECW-ON: E-mails and Memos (11 August 2022)
      Park Ranger Safety Survey 2022 - Open

  • NRM 2021 Annual Report (03 August 2022)
      It is with great pleasure that I would like to share with each of you the Natural Resources Management 2021 Annual Report. My apologies for the delay this year as the team was working hard to mitigate some of the potential FY23 Recreation impacts, working on NRM funding for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and working with you to prepare the FY24 budget request to help set you up for success.

      This report takes us on a journey through the 2021 year highlighting the many successes of our program while recognizing the challenges we faced. Notably, NRM program leadership has been actively engaged in many new administration initiatives and interagency work groups focused on climate change resiliency, sustainability, environmental justice, and outdoor recreation use to name a few. The results of these efforts over the next several years will guide our program toward new and exciting changes that will have meaningful impacts on both our visitors and the environment.

      This report also highlights and provides recognition to what matters the most, our NRM workforce. While we would like to individually recognize and thank each and everyone of you for the tremendous work that you do, please help us congratulate those who have been nominated and received special recognition for their achievements in natural resources management in 2021.

      It is our hope that you are able to take a few minutes to read this document and feel pride in the many accomplishments that are occurring on our public lands and waters across the nation. This report will be made available in the coming days on the homepage of the NRM Gateway at the following link:

      Thank you and stay safe!

      Jeffrey F. Krause
      Chief, Natural Resources Management

  • Stewardship News Volume 5 Issue 2 - June 2022 (11 July 2022)
      This issue features articles on:
    • Silviculture Study at W. Kerr Scott Dam & Reservoir
    • Osprey Nesting Structures at West Point Lake
    • Lake Sturgeon Spawning Below Mel Price Lock and Dam
    • Benbrook Lake: Rocky Creek Park Prairie Remnants
    • Turtle Nesting Mound Success at Raystown Lake
    • Growing Season Prescribed Fire at Kanopolis Lake
    • And much more

  • CECW-ON: E-mails and Memos (11 July 2022)
      NRM National Initiatives Viewer Tool - New Modules

  • CECW-ON: E-mails and Memos (07 July 2022)
      Fourth Grade Pass for 2022-2023 Now Available to Order in Bulk

  • Recreation News June 2022 (15 June 2022)
      This issue features articles on:
    • The USACE Recreation Budget: Buckle in, the rollercoaster continues in FY23!!
    • Using funds received from the America the Beautiful Pass Program: Highlighting great examples of using our America the Beautiful revenue to address critical needs.
    • LRD Park Ranger Community of Practice: Good Enough to Share news on regional efforts to improve our NRM program.
    • NRM Happenings in SWD: Good Enough to Share and Lessons Learned from the Southwest Division.
    • And much more!

  • CECW-ON: E-mails and Memos (01 June 2022)
      National Public Lands Day pre-registration link now open

  • CECW-ON: E-mails and Memos (31 May 2022)
      Announcement for ENS 101 and 102 for 2022 and 2023

  • CECW-ON: E-mails and Memos (26 May 2022)
      2022 USACE Water Safety Message

  • webinar - An Hour to Innovate! (23 May 2022)

  • CECW-ON: E-mails and Memos (18 May 2022)
      FY23 Handshake Partnership Program Request for Nominations, SUSP: 30 Sep 2022

  • Webinar - "Getting in the Game": The Story of USACE’s non-federal reimbursement program for AIS prevention and response (12 May 2022)

  • Recreation Leadership Advisory Team Meeting Minutes (11 May 2022)
      April meeting presentations

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