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Uniform Committee Update
The national Natural Resources Management Uniform Committee met at the Engineer Research and Development Center's new headquarters building on Sept 18-20, 2018. The committee evaluated the uniform comments from the 2017 Park Ranger Survey and developed a path forward to address questions and concerns brought up by respondents. The committee met with the uniform contractor, VF Solutions, and discussed potential new items, including pants and shirts with the newest fabrics, which are expected to be included in the program later this year. These new products are a result of the many excellent comments received from the park ranger survey. Wear test results were also discussed with the contractor with additional wear tests scheduled for this year. The committee continued to evaluate ER/EP 1130-2-550, Chapter 8 (uniform regulation), with a publishing date for the revised regulation later this year. Photo Caption: Pictured left to right, Back row: Ian Kinkade-VF Solutions, Dawn Kovarik-MVD, Amanda Palmer-SWD, Connie Gunter- SAD, Michele Fromdahal-NWD, Gwen Pettiford-VF Solutions, Steve Austin-HQ, Scott Graham-NAD, Front Row: Holly Myers-LRD, Carrie Richardson-SPD, Sara Jernigan- Uniform Chair


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2018 NRM Awards

  • American Recreation Coalition's Recreation Legend Award - Samantha Gray
  • Hiram M. Chittenden Award for Interpretive Excellence - Shawna Polen
  • Natural Resources Management Employee of the Year - Janelie Graham
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  • Every Kid in a Park


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     Black Dot Image 08/09/18 - Webinar - Crowdsourcing with Web Maps to support Collaboration and Public Engagement
     Black Dot Image 08/09/18 - Webinar - Environmental DNA and Invasive Aquatic Species: 9 Years In
     Black Dot Image 07/17/18 - Webinar - USACE Park Ranger Community of Practice Advisory Board Update
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     Black Dot Image 09/12/18 Press Release: Army Corps of Engineers waives fees on National Public Lands Day, Sept. 22
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     Black Dot Image 08/04/18 National Water Safety Photo Contest: Entries Needed
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