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Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force
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Every Kid in a Park
FY19 NRM Annual Report
FY20-21 Recreation Areas - Survey tools and procedures
National Invasive Species Council
NRM Assessment Tool
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Pollinator Protection and Enhancement
Recreation Use Fee Waiver for Military
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

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Natural Resources Management Notes

USACE Response to COVID-19 - Resources for the NRM Community
Includes Recreate Responsibly Toolkit

FY19 NRM Annual Report
This report takes us on a journey through the past year highlighting the successes of our program and acknowledging the challenges we face. It is our hope that you are able to take a few minutes to read this document and feel pride in all that we have done to ensure the safety of our co-workers and visitors while advancing the conservation of our public lands. As noted in the "Message from the NRM Chief", every day we continue to be inspired by the dedication, resourcefulness, and innovativeness of the Natural Resource community. View Report

Ryan Braaten, NRM CAP (July - December 2016)
Being selected as the NRM CAP has been the highlight of my career thus far. I was hesitant to apply since I had just recently became a GS-09, but many encouraged me and said they had always regretted not putting in for it themselves. No regrets, so I applied and got selected for the second half of 2016. Starting off my journey to D.C. I was able to take a few days of leave and do a cross-country road trip with my wife starting in Oregon. We stopped at many National Parks along the way which helped me realize I would be representing rangers from around the country while at HQ and not just those at my dam. View full story

2020 NRM Awards

  • Hiram M. Chittenden Award for Interpretive Excellence - Amanda L. Kruse
  • Natural Resources Management Employee of the Year - Matthew H. Palmer
  • Full List

  • Every Kid Outdoors


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    Current Jobs and Notices for All
     Black Dot Image Permanent, Natural Resource Specialist (Ranger) 5-9, E. Brimfield Lake, Sturbridge, MA -
  • Internal Listing - https://www.usaj
  • Public Listing - https://www.usaj (DHA)

  •  Black Dot Image GS-1640-12 Supervisory Facilities Operations Specialist St Paul District - The selected individual will serve as the RNR Minnesota Flood Control Section Supervisor responsible for managing four high-use, multipurpose lake projects that provide flood control, low-flow augmentation, municipal water supply, water quality control, natural resources management and day use recreation (5 dams, 3 water control structures, support facility infrastructure and a sign shop). This is a challenging and rewarding position located in scenic western Minnesota where pleasant small town communities and outdoor recreation opportunities abound.
     Black Dot Image Assistant Operations Project Manager, GS-0401-13 - Tulsa District
     Black Dot Image LRL Environmental Compliance Coordinator
    Natural Resources Management Community Headlines
    New Postings Link to All New Postings
     Black Dot Image 07/01/20 - Webinar - Triclopyr Shift to Trycera
     Black Dot Image 06/29/20 - Boundary - ENS OCA-ORA
     Black Dot Image 06/25/20 - Webinar - Park Ranger Safety During the Current Operational Environment
     Black Dot Image 06/24/20 - Webinar - Wild Pigs on USACE Projects: Management Challenges, Research Opportunities and Lessons Learned
     Black Dot Image 06/23/20 - Stewardship News June 2020
     Black Dot Image 06/18/20 - Webinar - Mechanical Harvesting: Large-Scale Field Trials
     Black Dot Image 06/18/20 - Webinar - Aquatic Weed Control: Myths and Misconceptions
     Black Dot Image 06/11/20 - Webinar - Aquatic Plant Management: The Florida Perspective
     Black Dot Image 06/11/20 - Webinar - New Aquatic Herbicide Treatment for Hydrilla: Efficacy of an Operational Treatment in Florida
     Black Dot Image 06/08/20 - Webinar - Volunteer Program June 2020
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    Important News Items Link to All News Itesm
     Black Dot Image 07/02/20 FY19 NRM Annual Report
     Black Dot Image 07/02/20 Recreate Responsibly
     Black Dot Image 07/01/20 New Life Jackets Worn...Nobody Mourns Facebook Profile Picture Frame
     Black Dot Image 06/25/20 Share the Experience Photo Contest 2019 winners announced/2020 Contest Now Open
     Black Dot Image 06/18/20 2020 Water Safety Message to Commanders
     Black Dot Image 06/17/20 Shoreline Management Program Review and Way Ahead  Corps Castle
     Black Dot Image 06/16/20 Announcement of USACE Natural Resources Management (NRM) Employee of the Year and the Hiram M. Chittenden Interpreter of the Year Award Program Winners
     Black Dot Image 05/29/20 Multi-District Innovations Newsletter (May - June)
     Black Dot Image 05/21/20 News Release and Social Media Post on reopening of USACE recreation areas
     Black Dot Image 05/01/20 New NRM Uniform Products Available Beginning Today
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    Upcoming Events Link to All Calendar Items
     Black Dot Image July 8 - Webinar - Herbicide Residues in Lake Sediments: Understanding Herbicide Fate
     Black Dot Image July 15 - Webinar - Identification and Management of Invasive Grasses
     Black Dot Image July 15 - Webinar - Cary Invasive forest pests and pathogens
     Black Dot Image August 19 - Webinar - How Biocontrol Agents are Approved and How to Access Them for Your Invasive Species Management Needs
     Black Dot Image August 24 - 27, 2020 ENS 101 Course
     Black Dot Image August 24 - 28, 2020 PROSPECT - Visitor Assistance NRM
     Black Dot Image September 16 - Webinar - Leaps and Bounds How to jump over the barriers to preventing the spread of invasive species
     Black Dot Image December 7 - 11, 2020 Visitor Assistance NRM 147 (Prospect Course Session 1)
     Black Dot Image February 7 - 11, 2021 Public Lands Alliance Convention & Trade Show
     Black Dot Image February 8 - 11, 2021 ENS 101 Course
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