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In today’s financial environment PARTNERING is an essential tool that allows the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to effectively manage recreation and environmental resources. In order to successfully meet our recreation and stewardship missions, and to foster shared values, vision, and a sense of ownership it is imperative that we work together with state governments, Native American tribes, private/public organizations, local communities, and other partners to maintain or advance programs from wildlife protection and habitat improvement to recreational facility enhancements.

Partnering helps to pool scarce resources, to promote coordinated, focused, and consistent mutual efforts to resolve common problems and missions, and to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort. The NRM Program has embraced this reality and is committed to fully exploring the potential development of new public-private partnerships to leverage limited appropriated funds and human resources.

This page will help you determine the right tools for your partnerships, find the right training to expand your knowledge, and learn from the successful efforts of your peers. You will find answers to longstanding questions and discover how to effectively utilize important partners such as the Corps of Engineers Natural Resources Education Foundation. The bottom line: partnering is smart business.

Partnership Types: Which is right for you?
Blue Ball Challenge Partnerships Program Blue Ball Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement (MOU/MOA)
Blue Ball Handshake Partnerships Program Blue Ball Volunteer Program
Blue Ball Contributions Program Blue Ball Economy Act Agreements
Blue Ball Cooperating Associations Program Blue Ball Partnership Agreement Decision Tree
Blue Ball Challenge Cost Sharing Cooperative Management Program Blue Ball Cooperative Agreements
How To:
Blue Ball Policy & Procedures Blue Ball Partnerships in NRM Assessment/OMBIL
Blue Ball Training Blue Ball FAQs
Blue Ball Grants/Alternative Funding Sources Blue Ball News / Current Issues
Blue Ball Partnership Advisory Committee Blue Ball Good Enough to Share
Blue Ball Division & District POCs  Corps Castle Blue Ball Corps Photo Album for Partnerships
Partner Information:
Blue Ball National Partners
Blue Ball Military Partnerships Blue Ball Health/Medical Community Partnerships
Blue Ball School/University Partnerships Blue Ball Water Safety Partnerships
Blue Ball Special Events with Partners Blue Ball Partnership and Volunteer Awards
Blue Ball Partnership Success Stories Blue Ball Partnering with the Corps video
Blue Ball Partnership Outreach Sheet Blue Ball Partnership/Volunteer Program Newsletter
Blue Ball Corps Lakes Gateway Partnerships Webpage

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