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NRM Assessment Tool

NRM Assessment Tool

    Beginning in Fiscal Year 2018, the NRM community (Recreation and Environmental Stewardship Business Lines) will be utilizing the NRM-Assessment Tool (formerly the Rec-Assessment Tool) to collect annual data that will then be uploaded into OMBIL. Several notices, webinars and coordination have occurred through the OMBIL users group and District POC's.

    OMBIL will remain the primary database of record for all O&M business line data and, as such, it is imperative that the data be kept current. OMBIL data is used for many different purposes, including decisions concerning facility development, budget development and defense, tracking performance measures, preparation of briefings and fact sheets, asset management, etc. It is used to populate information on the Gateway and numerous other internal and external web sites. OMBIL will continue to serve as source for many other systems including CWIFD, EDW and VERS. Inaccurate and/or incomplete data not only reflects poorly on the Corps and renders a disservice to the public, but could also jeopardize the viability of our O&M missions and budget defense.

    This transition to a new platform is a gained efficiency for one-stop data entry rather than input into several systems as had been the standard in the past. The NRM-Assessment tool will serve as the data collection platform necessary to feed OMBIL the appropriate data. This process is more in line with other business lines that import data such as hydropower and navigation while allowing the NRM business line more flexibility and less OMBIL contractor work. Training through web meetings will be provided to the field on the data entry process as and will be announced through the OMBIL District POCs. The schedule for entering data by modules is as follows.

    • Recreation PSA Module - Includes: PSA Information and Facilities
      Corrections submitted by 15 August 2021 - See PSA Module for more details

    • NRM Modules - Includes: Interpretive Contacts, Special Events, Law Enforcement Contracts, and Annual Project Data
      Modules Open 15 September and Close 31 October 2021

    • Environmental Stewardship Modules - Includes: Shoreline Management, Boundaries/Encroachments, Soils/Vegetation/Wetlands Classification, Pollinators, Fire Management, Invasive Species, Fish/Land Mitigation, and Master Plans
      Modules Open 15 September and Close 31 October 2021

    • Partnerships
      Module Open 1 October and Close 14 November 2021

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    • NRM Assessment Tool
    • Webinars & Training materials are avaialble for each of the modules once you log into the system.