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Gateway 101

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    NRM Gateway - Communication Tools for Corps Park Rangers
    The NRM Gateway is a knowledge management based website that provides Corps staff with information about recreation, environmental stewardship, environmental compliance programs, and partnerships. This tool enhances communication within the NRM community and preserves the organization's institutional knowledge. It includes public information about Corps lakes and recreation areas on the Visitors Page (described below).

    The NRM Gateway is built by employees for employees and is an integration of people, policies, programs, and practices. This information can be found via Tabs above and in Business Process on left. Click here for a description of each tab. The Site Index & Search tab can also help you locate content within the Gateaway.

    A streamlined view of the NRM Gateway can be easily accessed on your mobile phone. Open the NRM Gateway link on your cell phone, then simply add an icon on your phone screen to have ready access to the mobile version.

    Visitor Page (aka The Corps Lakes Gateway)
    The Corps Lakes Gateway is the public side of the Natural Resources Management (NRM) Gateway. It provides consistent recreation opportunities information across all Corps water resource projects. It integrates Corps-managed resources and those managed-by-others on Corps fee and easement lands. The Corps Lakes Gateway also integrates lakes into their local communities by recognizing partners, chambers of commerce, and other resources useful to the visitor. This corporate branding supports other federal initiatives including

    Communities of Practices pages
    In addition to NRM program pages, the Gateway also contains various Communities of Practice (CoPs) pages, to include Operations & Regulatory, Operations Project Managers, and Park Rangers.

    Park Ranger CoP
    This site serves the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Park Ranger Community of Practice (CoP). This site contains beneficial information for every park ranger, from the new hire to the seasoned veteran, which will help enhance professionalism. This CoP is supported by a Park Ranger CoP Advisory Board. This workforce is part of two broader CoPs: Natural Resources Management (NRM) and Operations & Regulatory

    SmartBooks: SmartBooks are electronic directories that make it easier to connect with others in your respective CoPs. In order to be useful, it is necessary for field staff to keep them current with periodic review and updates. The SmartBooks are only accessible from an official ( computer.

    • Park Ranger CoP SmartBook
      This is currently a separate SmartBook from the broader NRM SmartBook and contains only individuals meeting the Park Ranger CoP definition.
    • NRM CoP SmartBook
      This resource is designed to facilitate communications between Corps of Engineers field staff responsible for all NRM program areas. All Park Rangers in the Park Ranger CoP Smartbook are automatically included in the NRM CoP SmartBook.

    Gateway Glimpse
    The Gateway Glimpses are virtual newsletters issued on no particular schedule, but when there is a need to communicate with everyone in the CoP. These newsletters are generally drafted by CoP Chairs or the Gateway Team and are distributed to every email address in the Glimpse mailing list. The distribution starting point was every email address in the NRM SmartBook, supplemented by recipient actions to opt-out or opt-in.

    NRM Community Forums
    Link to this discussion area from the Gateway home page under Discussion Forums heading. This discussion area is "behind the castle" (can only be accessed from an official [] computer) and therefore cannot be viewed by the public. You are able to view content without registering, but cannot comment until you create your own user name and password. Although you must register to participate, user names are not currently displayed along with the discussions.

    Social Media

    • Facebook:
      • Corps Lakes  open to the general public for sharing information regarding Corps Lakes nationally
      • Corps Rangers  open only to Corps of Engineers Park Rangers
    • YouTube:
      • Corps Lakes  open to the general public, containing videos that apply to Corps Lakes nationally

    Individual Action Items to Utilize NRM and Park Ranger Communication Tools

    1. Review posted information to learn what is on the NRM Gateway, including the Visitor Page.
    2. Sign up for communication tools on the NRM Gateway home page (see the headings/links on the right side of home page, below the Natural Resources Management Notes box and above the green Natural Resources Community Headlines banner):
          Check out our YouTube channel. Gain access to Corps Lakes and Corps Rangers Facebook pages by first logging into your personal Facebook account and then:
        1. "Like" Corps Lakes
        2. "Friend" Corps Rangers (tell us that you are a Park Ranger at ??? Lake to expediate the process)
        1. Register for the NRM Community Forum
        2. Subscribe to Gateway RSS Feeds of interest
      3. CONTACTS
        1. NRM Smartbook - Add/Review your listing. Access using the link then search for your name. If not already listed, click "Add a new POC" and complete input of your information.
        2. Park Ranger Smartbook - Add/Review your listing. Access using the link then search for your name. If not already listed, click "Add a new POC" and complete input of your information.
      4. NRM GLIMPSE
        1. Click the dated links to view past issues
        2. Use the "Subscribe to Glimpse" link to sign up for future issues.
    3. Review the Park Ranger CoP site

    Individual Action Items to Contribute to the NRM Gateway

    1. Check out the submission forms by clicking the GETS tab
    2. How to Share:
      1. Submit a form with your:
        1. Good Enough to Share
        2. Lesson Learned
      2. Contact SME for topic of interest directly. For example, to contribute item to Visitor Assistance see "Content Subject Matter Expert" link at bottom left of Visitor Assistance page
      3. Upload photos to the Corps Photo Album
      4. Add public events to Visitors Page calendar
      5. Submit items for the Glossary

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