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Curation Regionalization Banner

Curation Regionalization

Headquarters POC

USACEs large archaeological collection of artifacts and associated documentation is a unique and significant national scientific resource representing thousands of years of cultural patrimony. However, the dispersed locations of these collections and the different ways they are organized and cared for, make comprehensive management, oversight, and public access, as required by federal law, difficult and inefficient.

A memorandum was issued to provide leadership guidance and direction in order for USACE to gain physical and administrative control to properly rehabilitate collections and develop standardized processes and procedures. To accomplish this objective, all current collections of totally nearly 50,000 cubic feet will be identified and coalesced into regional centers, reducing the repositories from over 150 to under 25.

The program will be managed by the Mandatory Center of Expertise (MCX) for the Curation and Management of Archaeological Collections (CMAC), a centralized organization that has the experienced and professional staff.

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