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Environment Stewardship Civil Works Integrated Funding Database (ES CWIFD)

Environment Stewardship Civil Works Integrated Funding Database (ES CWIFD)

Headquarters Program: Stewardship Advisory Team

FY 2023 Environment Stewardship budget process will continue to follow the O&M 20/20 Budget Framework and budget packages will be developed, evaluated, prioritized, and ranked using the Environment Stewardship Civil Works Integrated Funding Database (ES-CWIFD), which is a sub module of the Main-CWIFD. All data supporting budget packages such as capability, description, and justifications will be entered directly into ES-CWIFD. ES-CWIFD is intended to provide a means for quantifying performance outputs toward the performance measures used for development of the Environment Stewardship O&M budget, as well as ranking incremental Environment Stewardship budget packages in a consistent manner throughout the Corps.

No changes on ES-CWIFD this year. However, please note the following changes on the guidance and make sure your input in ES-CWIFD correspond to the new guidance:

  • USACE Boundary and Encroachment
  • Changes on Definitions of WCCs 61452, 61453, and 61454 - USACE Boundary and Encroachment in regard to Operational Condition Assessment (OCA), ranging from Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Failing, Completely Failed, Unrated. Please see Table D-5-2, Appendix D of the Budget EC page 37.
  • Changes on ENS Consequence Rating Criteria - Now very specific to ENS. Consequence Category ranging from High or I to Minimum or V. Please see Table D-5-3, Appendix D of the Budget EC page 39.
  • Minimum of work packages:
  • Limit of funding level for Common O&M – now no less than $2,000 (previously $5,000 minimum) except for the Power Marketing Administration (PMA) which is $1,000.
  • Specific Work Not Commonly Performed (SWNCP) – now $5,000 minimum (previously $10,000)