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USACE Multi-District Innovations Team & Program

The Multi-District Innovations Team exists to encourage an innovative culture and to assist all Projects and Districts in developing that culture and capitalizing on employees innovative ideas. The focus is on creating innovations for the planning and the development of technology for the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Community and the enhancement of the recreational experience for the visiting public. The Team seeks to address local, regional, and enterprise needs and develop innovative solutions for the greater good within USACE.

Current Participants
Tulsa (SWD)
Fort Worth (SWD)
Little Rock (SWD)
St. Paul (MVD)
Rock Island (MVD)
St. Louis (MVD)
Vicksburg (MVD)
New England (NAE)
  Portland (NWD)
Seattle (NWD)
Mobile (SAD)
Savannah (SAD)
Pittsburgh (LRD)
Los Angeles (SPD)
San Francisco (SPD)

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