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    4 October 2006
    Q: We recently discovered an adjacent land owner who cut trees on Corps fee owned land to improve the view. We estimate the value to be just under $9000 at the 3X the present stumpage rate. I am looking for examples of creative restitution plans rather than just paying a fine. I know our US Attorney will be asking for an easily implemented restitution plan. I was wondering if anyone has done something similar.

    A: 11/15/06 - We had timber cut by an adjoining property owner. Instead of going to court, we at the project worked with Office of Council for a Claim of Affirmation. In this way all monies spent investigating this incident i.e. my time in writing the investigating report, the cost to the government of getting the property line re-surveyed, was included in the claim. Most importantly, the true value of the timber, which was less than three thousand, was not mutiplied times the stumpage value. This was negotiated with the neighbor, paid to the district, and the funding credited back into the project's accounts to use. I'm sure that some sort of interpretation for the value of the Claim of Affirmation by your district's Office of Council could be worked out in the way of donated equipment or services in lieu of monetary fine.

    16 January 2007
    Q: I'm interested in hearing from projects that have a shoreline management program in which the Manager and Rangers are authorized to issue real estate licenses. (e.g. lights, steps, erosion control devices, etc.) What requirements, if any, did you have to acquire in order to issue these licenses? Prior to this authorization did your Real Estate Branch issue them? Did you experience a substantial savings of time and labor by administering as a "One-Stop" process? Appreciate any input to this procedure. Rene

    A: 02/2/07 - The first reference in answering this question goes to AR-405-80, "Management of Title and Granting Use of Real Property." Chapter 3, "Delegation of Authority" is were the initial authority comes from that allows Project Managers to issue real estate licenses. http://www.usapa.army.mil/pdffiles/r405_80.pdf The next reference is to a Memorandum from HQ dated 16 Dec 1997, Subject: Army Regulation (AR) 405-80, Management of Title and Granting Use of Real Property. This memorandum directly delegates authority (paragraph 4) all the way down to project managers thru the chain of command, if they meet the requirements in the enclosure, Qualifying Standards for Individuals at Civil Works Projects: https://ltd.usace.army.mil/publications/review/cere-028.pdf Our Division Policy in SAD is attached as a pdf, and paragraph 4.b.(1) encourages the districts to delegate licensing authority to the projects. It is shown as draft but it is about to be finalized. Similar encouragements to delegate have existed for a long time. The next referenced, attached as a pdf, is a copy of the delegation (an example) from Real Estate in Savannah District to the Manager at Hartwell Lake who oversees the Shoreline Management program. SAD took advantage of this delegation authority long ago, and has been issuing "consolidated permits" at the project level that includes docks, utility right-of-ways, improved walkways, etc., for over 20 years. The amount of time and savings would depend on the size of the program and the involvement of your real estate division. Because of this delegation in SAD, I am sure it is safe to assume projects like Lanier and Hartwell with approximately 8,000 - 10,000 permits each have substantial savings, where smaller project would have less of a savings, but this is just a guess. I have been unble to find any "old timers" who can tell me how it used to work prior to the authority being delegated. Not sure how the lakes and real estate may have worked together in the process of issuing licences for land-based facilities. Hope this helps, and please feel free to contact me with any additional questions. I will be glad to forward the attached pdf files referred to if anyone is interested. Scott Strotman Environmental Stewardship/ECC Program Manager US Army Corps of Engineers South Atlantic Division 60 Forsyth Street, SW Room 9M15 Atlanta, GA 30303-8801 404-562-5135

    16 January 2007
    Q: Does anyone have a volume table for extra long tree lengths? I am looking for volumes close to Scribner 78 figures to get better accuracy on our timber estimates. For example, a 14 inch DBH saw timber tree that has 3 logs in it has a Scribner volume multiplier of 166. However, we often come across trees which are taller than the volume tables have multipliers for; say 5 or 6 logs in length for trees 14 to 20 inches DBH. We have the same problem for our 10 to 13 inch DBH chip-n-saw. Any help is appreciated.

    A: 01/16/07 - We recently acquired a copy of National Cruise System and FScrusier. This software was developed by the Forest Service and was downloaded for free off the internet with the permission of the district office. I have never seen a volume table like what you are describing. However, I just entered a Western Larch tree with a DBH of 14" and a tree height of 150 feet into the system and it calculated the tree to have 320 board feet. I don't know what tables they used when developing this system, but I can get you in contact with the people that designed it if you want. Feel free to contact me at (208) 476 - 1245 or by e-mail.

    21 May 2007
    Q: I am looking for information on how to accomplish the OMBIL Level 1 vegetaion inventory.

    13 August 2007
    Q: Does anyone have a good working method for mechanical control of annual vegetation, e.g. cockleburs, on swimming beaches?

    16 January 2008
    Q: I'm looking for a copy of the attached: CECW-ON memorandum, Subject: Implementation of Section 1134(d), Public Law 99-662, dated 28 August 1987 If anyone has a copy of this, can you please send it to me?

    25 January 2008
    Q: I am looking for some help in creating opportunities for motorized recreation and diminishing the resource degradation that occurs from unplanned, unmanaged OHV use. We have a very old Master plan and Project EIS that do not address motorized recreation or motorized travel other than on the main Project roads. We are in the process of drafting a recreation addendum to the master plan and EIS for motorized recreation access. I am looking for examples of how other Projects and Districts have handled motorized recreation or recently developed new policy, processes or procedures for motorized use. I am not looking for listings of problems that have been encountered, but creative solutions to include the development of trails, ATV areas and campsites. Of particular interest is the background on Project authorities and NEPA actions required to develop these facilities. Thank You, Paul J. Pence Natural Resources Manager Dworshak Dam and Reservoir 208-476-1258 Paul.J.Pence@usace.army.mil

    5 April 2008
    Q: We are looking for an example contract for using contractors to mark timber. If anyone has experience in this type of contract please let me know. Thank you.

    19 September 2008
    Q: Due to the prolonged drought here at Lake Lanier, we are starting to get questions about ways to get boats off the shoreline and back into the water on onto a trailer. There are literally hundreds of these vessels out here, from jet-skis to houseboats. Has anyone found a method that is reliable that does not tear up public land or the shoreline?

    15 July 2009
    Q: The Kansas City District has been experiencing problems with Geese in recreation areas, such as beaches, parks, and golf courses. Does anyone know of any effective methods that have been utilized, during the recreation season, to remove Geese from these highly visited areas.

    1 December 2010
    Q: Does anyone have experience with handling an abutter who is proposing a wind turbine on their property; where the turbine's fall zone would fall on Corps property and a portion of the turbine's blades would be over Corps' airspace?

    28 January 2011
    Q: I am interested in finding out how other projects have delt with equestrian trails crossing through corps creeks and land. We have a situation at Tionesta where a commercial outfitter gives paid guided rides on government property and are not under any permit. The trails cross corps property and and lead onto USFS property where they are permitted to ride but without sometype of agreement from the corps (ie permit ,license) this needs to be addressed. The commercial outfit is not the only ones using the trails but they make up a large percentage. Has anyone delt with these issues at any other project and what were your results?


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