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    This page will contain links to documents that have been on our pages previously, archived so you may refer to them when necessary. Also included are software programs and components developed by the project, and other useful tools included for career development, advancement, or satisfaction.

    Emerging Leaders
    To provide another source of information for those aspiring to a leadership role, the Emerging Leaders of Southwestern Division developed a newsletter to help teach and inform. You will find commanders' thoughts about leadership and what it takes to be a good leader; information as how to locate reading, listening and viewing resources about leadership skills; and even articles about people that are now success stories.

    Corps History
    Mike Loesch, CELRD-CM-O, a co-author of this paper has been a part of the Corps NRM program for many years. While this paper is wider in scope than the NRM program, this paper will give new and old employees alike an understanding of the Corps History, Corps Organization and some basic processes.

    Employee Handbooks and Guidebooks
    Southwestern Division Employee Handbook - A good employee guide written for the Southwestern Division, but applicable across the Corps. Check with your local CPAC for policies in your region. Intranet site, may be restricted to mil. addresses.

    Results of Previous Surveys
    Training Needs of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Natural Resource Management Branch Personnel - In 1990, the Corps of Engineers surveyed NRM employees about perceived training needs and shortcomings in the training system at that time. The raw data of the survey results are provided.

    1997 NRMCDSC Career Development Survey - In December 1997, the most recent NRMCDSC survey was distributed. Since this survey was developed and the data analysis performed by Dr. Bonnie Bryson as a part of her doctoral research, many of the links provided here take you to excerpts of her dissertation. The author holds the copyright for this material. Within the agency, reproduction and use of the dissertation excerpts are encouraged, but reproduction and use outside the agency require prior written consent from Dr. Bonnie Bryson.

    Personal Stories
    As an interesting feature, we have asked team members in Natural Resource Management to tell us about their careers. The personal touch helps team members to get a "real perspective" from the people who have survived and even thrived during their career. If you would like to share your story with us, please send it electronically to:

    • Cori Brown - Details
      Outdoor Recreation Planner, Baltimore District
    • Debby Chenoweth
      Operations Manager, Bonneville Lock and Dam, Portland District
    • Christina E. (Chris) Correale - Mentoring
      Chief, Operations Division, Baltimore District
    • Darrell Eidson, P.E. - Career Program 18 Leadership Development Program
      Hydraulic Engineer
    • Mike Ensch
      Chief, Construction-Operations Division, Nashville District
    • Robert Heald
      Chief Natural Resources Management Branch, New England Division
    • Fred Huelson - From "RecNotes," Vol R-86-2
      Chief, Natural Resources Management Branch, Louisville District, Retired
    • Marilyn Jones - Professional Certification
      Park Manager, Table Rock Lake
    • Gerald Purvis
      Chief of Operations, Mobile District

    Ranger Stories

    EP 690-1-11 (1 thru 17)
    Command Wide Recruitment and Outreach Materials, dated 25 May 1993

      Employment with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - This Recruitment Portfolio contains information designed to be used by Corps personnel in support of recruitment and outreach activities. The portfolio jacket serves as a container for the pamphlets, brochures, and special inserts that make up the recruitment materials. The portfolio contents are divided into four primary parts designed to be used separately or in various combinations. Because of the versatility of these materials they can be used for a variety of functions and can be tailored to a particular audience. The parts of the recruitment portfolio are as follows:
    • Portfolio jacket cover
    • The Spirit of Nation Building - Color 300 dpi (39.9 MB) or Grayscale (15.9 MB)
    • Experience the Spirit of the Corps - Color 300 dpi (12.3 MB) or Grayscale (8.7 MB)
    • Service to the Nation, the Spirit of the Corps - Color 300 dpi (65.1 MB) or Grayscale (24.1 MB)
    • Employment with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • Student Employment Programs - Color 300 dpi (9.1 MB) or Grayscale (5.4 MB)
    • Veterans Readjustment Appointments
    • Selective Placement for Individuals with Disabilities
    • Clerical or Secretarial Employment - Color 300 dpi (3.4 MB) or Grayscale (1.9 MB)
    • Maintenance, Trade or Craft Positions - Color 300 dpi (3.8 MB) or Grayscale (2.1 MB)
    • USACE Human Resource Offices Address Listing
    • USACE Registration of Interest and Availability for Job Opportunities
    • Career Opportunities with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • Career Profile Supplements (690-1-11(04 thru 25))
      1. Biologist - Color 300 dpi (4.4 MB) or Grayscale (2.0 MB)
      2. Civil Engineering - Color 300 dpi (4.1 MB) or Grayscale (1.6 MB)
      3. Computer Specialist - Color 300 dpi (4.6 MB) or Grayscale (1.8 MB)
      4. Disaster Relief - Color 300 dpi (6.9 MB) or Grayscale (2.9 MB)
      5. Environmental Engineering - Color 300 dpi (3.7 MB) or Grayscale (1.6 MB)
      6. Natural Resource Management & Regulation - Color 300 dpi (9.0 MB) or Grayscale (7.6 MB)
      7. Park Management - Color 300 dpi (14.5 MB) or Grayscale (5.8 MB)
      8. Recreation & Park Management - Color 300 dpi (6.5 MB) or Grayscale (2.9 MB)
    • Mission Area Supplements
    • Research and Development
    • Military Facilities - Color 300 dpi (7.4 MB) or Grayscale (2.9 MB)
    • Environmental Protection and Restoration - Color 300 dpi (6.1 MB) or Grayscale (2.0 MB)
    • Water Resources - Color 300 dpi (7.6 MB) or Grayscale (2.9 MB)

    Conversion to 0401 Series  Corps Castle

    LRD Process for MSC-wide Conversion to 401 Series

    Steering Committee Members
    The Natural Resources Management Career Development Steering Committee was a group of natural resource management personnel, one per Division, representing the interest of the team members working in the Natural Resource Management field within the Corps of Engineers. This group provided input to the Chief, CECW-CO, on career and training issues. Although this team is no longer active, this Gateway page preserves their work and provides valuable references on career issues.

    NRMCDSC Members & Positions

    Committee Member Location and Position Organization Appointed
    Marilyn K. Jones Chairperson, Operations Project Manager (Supervisory Natural Resources Program Manager, 0401) (Field) Tioga-Hammond and Cowanesque Lakes Project, Baltimore District, North Atlantic Division FY99
    Janet Lewis Park Ranger, (Natural Resources Specialist, 0401) (Field) Coralville Lake Project, Rock Island District, Mississippi Valley Division FY11
    Christopher "Scott" Hannah Park Ranger, (Natural Resources Specialist, 0401) (Field) Burnsville Lake, Huntington District, Great Lakes and Ohio River Division FY11
    Vincent Gualteiri Park Manager, (Supervisory Natural Resources Management Specialist, 0401) (Field) Naugatuck River Basin - Thomaston/Black Rock/Northfield Lakes, New England District, North Atlantic Division FY10
    Harold "Mike" Key Recreation Business Line Manager, (Natural Resources Specialist, 0401) (District) Omaha District, North Western Division FY11
    Adam Tarplee Natural Resources Program Manager, (0401) (District), Jacksonville District, West Palm Beach Restoration Office, South Atlantic Division FY10
    Benjamin Bremer Chief, Operations and Maintenance Branch, (Supervisory Civil Engineering Techician) (Field) Mountain Home Project Office, Little Rock District, Southwestern Division FY10
    Renee Stacey Budget Analyst, (0560) (Field) Table Rock Project Office, Little Rock District, Southwestern Division FY10
    Phil Deffenbaugh Park Manager, (0025) (Field) Terminus Dam/Lake Kaweah, Sacramento District, South Pacific Division FY09
    James Murphy Recreation Business Line Manager, (Outdoor Recreation Planner, 0401) (Field) Trinity Regional Project Office, Fort Worth District, Southwestern Division FY09
    Stephen B. Austin Program Coordinator HQUSACE Indefinite


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