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Career Advancement

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    Among many other items, this site provides a career development guide to help you, as a member of the Natural Resources Management (NRM) workforce, determine your individual path and define your specific career goals. Here you can locate training opportunities, vacant positions, and temporary details that help you become a more competitive job candidate, even in the era of tight budgets. Perhaps most importantly, this site offers tools to put yourself in charge of your own career. Have heard it said that "knowledge/information is power"? That is especially true when learning how to enhance your own career opportunities.

    This site explores many age-old questions that NRM employees working for the Corps of Engineers have asked repeatedly since the program's inception. Learn from valuable advice, tips and hints offered by current and former employees who have "made it" to their highest career aspirations.

    While using this site:
    Every attempt has been made to explain government acronyms within each page's text, however some newer team members may want to refer to the NRM Acronym listing to help break the code of unfamiliar terms.

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Career Arc - These resources are organized by where you are on your career path
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