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Master Your Job

    Once you have learned all the basics of your job, the next phase is to completely master all the duties and required knowledge for that position. The effort you put into this phase can give you self-confidence and inspire the confidence of your co-workers and supervisors. Below are some resources that can help you along the way. Mastering your current job is a sign that you are worthy of consideration for promotion to a higher-graded position.

  • OPM Leadership Training
  • Local Leadership Development Programs (LDP) - Check with your local District Office about LDP training opportunities
  • Link to Deployment and Special Assignment Stories on Gateway
      Look for deployments - There are many opportunities for deployments for things such as natural disaster response. These are challenging assignments where you can learn a lot and network with other people. Often these deployment opportunities will be coordinated through your District Emergency Management Office. Always coordinate with your supervisor before applying for a deployment, as you will need supervisory support to participate. There are examples of deployment experiences on the Gateway in GETS.
  • Membership and participation in professional organizations is encouraged as a way to continue to grown in your career and stay up to date on trends
  • Routinely check the meeting notes of the RLAT, SAT, and Park Ranger CoP Advisory Board to stay current on issues affecting NRM
  • OPM Center for Leadership Development course: Foundations of Project Management course is valuable to learn how to manage assignments of large scope and duration.
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