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    The Career Development Committee has a reference library of videotapes, books, and audiocassettes that NRM employees may check out for self-help at their convenience. As funds are available, the committee will continue to update and modernize the library. Some materials found within the library can be used for continuing education credits (CEU's) for some professional organization requirements.

    Below is a title listing, as well as a format, for the material currently in stock. A maximum of two items will be loaned to the same individual for a one- (1) month period. To check out items, please complete the e-mail form.

    We are interested in your review of each item that was loaned to you. Please take a few moments to provide comments about this tape.

    The NRM Career Development Steering Committee would like to invite those projects with similar materials to share them with their fellow Corps team members across the nation. The NRM library would be happy to accept the materials and loan them under the conditions above. The committee cannot, however, guarantee that your materials will not be lost, destroyed, or damaged while on loan.

    Title Reference Number Source Type of Material
    Gateways to Tomorrow: Social Diversity in America's Recreation & Park Systems NRPA-91-V-202 NRPA Video
    Trends in the 90's-How will You Prepare NRPA-91-V-207 NRPA Video
    Developing a Tailored Revenue Policy for Parks and Recreation NRPA-91-V-256 NRPA Video
    Gateways to Tomorrow: Changing Park and Recreation Strategies for the Future NRPA-91-V-300 NRPA Video
    Leisure Service Delivery for Americans of Cultural Diversity in the Urban Environment: An Explanation of Problems and Issues NRPA-91-V-306 NRPA Video
    Liability Issues in Parks and Recreation: Are You Meeting Standards? NRPA-91-V354 NRPA Video
    The ADA: Implications for Change in Recreation and Park Agencies NRPA-91-V-400 NRPA Video
    Marketing: Hands on Techniques for Today and Strategies for Tomorrow NRPA-91-V-402 NRPA Video
    Outreach to Urban Youth and Mentoring Future Professionals NRPA-92-3 NRPA Video
    The ADA and Park & Recreation Facilities: Application of the Law NRPA-92-4 NRPA Video
    The ADA and Park and Recreation Programs NRPA-92-7 NRPA Video
    Social Changes and Human Impacts-Implications and Interventions NRPA-92-8 NRPA Video
    Aquatic Liability and Case Studies: What to Know Before the Trial NRPA-92-9 NRPA Video
    Environmental Conflicts: Are We Loving Our Parks to Death? NRPA-92-12 NRPA Video
    The Use of Initiative Activities for Improving Teamwork NRPA-92-14 NRPA Video
    Trends 2000: Creating Action Agendas for Parks and Recreation NRPA-92-19 NRPA Video
    Fostering Cultural Diversity NRPA-92-22 NRPA Video
    Training Leisure Professionals to Better Serve Persons with Hearing Impairments NRPA-92-23 NRPA Video
    Recycling at Special Events/Special Facilities NRPA-92-24 NRPA Video
    The Economic Impacts of Parks and Recreation NRPA-V-110 NRPA Video
    Parks and Recreation in an Environmental Era NRPA-V-204 NRPA Video
    Maintenance: A Systems Approach NRPA-V-208 NRPA Video
    Controlling Liability Losses NRPA-V-234 NRPA Video
    Americans and the Land: Recreation Resource Strategies NRPA-V-250 NRPA Video
    Preventive Maintenance in the 1990's-Program Now or Pay Later NRPA-V-300 NRPA Video
    Headaches and Heartaches: How to Succeed in Working with At-Risk Youth NRPA-V-350 NRPA Video
    Park Master Planning-A Participatory Process NRPA-V-404 NRPA Video
    Access for All People-A Major Issue for the 1990's NRPA-V-451 NRPA Video
    Managing Conflict, Criticism and Anger NRPA-V-452 NRPA Video
    Thinking About the Future-Together NRPA-V-500 NRPA Video
    Communication Importance of Recreation and Parks in Your Local Community NRPA-V-502 NRPA Video
    How to Manage Multiple Projects, Meet Deadlines and Achieve Objectives RAY-V-01 Fred Pryor Video (3-tape set)
    It's Not Just Courtesy, Itís the Law (a video program dealing with sexual harassment) RAY-V-02 Advantage Media Video
    Stand Up, Speak Out and Succeed RAY-V-03 Fred Pryor Video (3-tape set)
    Team - Building Skills for Maintenance Supervisors RAY-V-04 Fred Pryor Video (3-tape set)
    Business Writing for Results RAY-V-05 Fred Pryor Video (3-tape set)
    How to Manage Conflict, Anger and Emotion RAY-V-06 Fred Pryor Video (3-tape set)
    Negaholics (How to Handle Negativity in the Work Place) RAY-V-07 National Press Video (3-tape set)
    Personal Time Management RAY-V-08 Nightingale and Conant Video
    7 Habits of Highly Effective People RAY-AT-01 Stephen Covey Audio (6-tape set)
    Powerful Communications Skills for Women RAY-AT-02 National Businesswomen Leadership Association Audio (6-tape set)
    Living in Excellence RAY-AT-03 National Press Audio (6-tape set)
    How to Handle Difficult People RAY-AT-04 National Press Audio (6-tape set)
    How to Handle Conflict and Manage Anger RAY-AT-05 Nightingale and Conant Audio (6-tape set)
    Life Planning RAY-AT-06 National Seminars Audio (6-tape set)
    Investment in Excellence RAY-AT-07   Audio (4-tape set)
    The Promotable Woman (10 Essential Skills for the New Millennium) RAY-B-01 National Press Book
    The Stress Management Handbook RAY-B-02 National Press Book
    Being OK Just Isn't Enough, the Power of Self Discovery RAY-B-03 National Press Book
    Writing for Business Results CD-01-AV-01   Audio/Video/Workbook
    Patton on Leadership CD-01-B-01   Book
    Think Like a Manager CD-01-B-02   Book
    How to Supervise in Today's Workplace CD-01-CD-02   CD-Rom Interactive
    Hand Picked (Recruitment Guide) CD-01-B-03   Book
    Sex Laws & Stereotypes CD-01-B-04   Book
    Sexual Harassment in the Workplace CD-01-AV-03   Audio/Video/Workbook
    Management of Park and Recreation Agencies CD-01-B-05   Book
    21 Ways to Defuse Anger CD-01-A-01   Audio/Workbook
    Assertive Communication Skills for Professionals CD-01-A-02   Audio/Workbook
    Essential Communication Skills for Managers CD-01-A-03   Audio (4)/Workbook
    Focused Listening Skills CD-01-A-04   Audio (4)/Workbook
    High Impact Business Writing CD-01-A-05   Audio (4)/Workbook
    How to Make Winning Presentations CD-01-V-01   Video
    9 Deadliest Sins of Communication CD-01-V-02   Video (3)/Workbook
    Women and Leadership CD-01-B-06   Book
    Fundamentals of Planning CD-01-B-07   Book
    The Facility Management Handbook CD-01-B-08   Book
    How to Manage Your Boss CD-01-B-09   Book
    Thinking Outside the Lines CD-01-CD-01   CD ROM Audio
    1001 Ways to Take Initiative at Work CD-01-B-10   Book
    How to Disagree w/o Being Disagreeable CD-01-B-11   Book

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