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Find a Job

    Careers in the Corps of Engineers - The Corps of Engineers offers many different career opportunities for a multitude of individuals with various backgrounds. From white collar to gray collar to blue collar, the Corps of Engineers provides challenging work in several geographical locations, both overseas and within the United States.

    The Corps YouTube account includes videos about Park Ranger and other Natural Resources Management jobs. You can also read more about Park Ranger experiences here.

    Types of appointments - This link will take you to a comparison matrix that describes Temporary Appointments and Term Appointments.

    How Do You Find a Job?

      If you are a student
    • OPM provides guidance on programs for recruiting and hiring students and recent graduates. While you are still in school, keep an eye and ear out for job leads that may be communicated through your faculty or department. This is also a good time to begin meeting managers at places you may wish to work someday. Stop by Corps lake offices and introduce yourself and/or inquire about volunteer opportunities there. The CorpsLakes website lets you search by state to find lake locations. You may wish to follow individual lake social media accounts to learn more and to watch for student hire and volunteer opportunities. Some locations also participate in local Career Days, which should be noted in their social media postings.
    • As you plan your coursework, please know that there are two job series available to a Corps Park Ranger  0025 and 0401. The 0025 does not have a biological science requirement. The 0401 is more prevalent and covers the higher graded positions. The 0401 series requires a degree in a biological science field or a minimum of 24 semester hours of biological sciences. More information on the biological science requirements may be found in this document (See page B-1).

      If you are currently within the federal system with computer access, job seeking is easier than ever before. All Federal jobs are listed on the USAJOBS website.

      One of the best methods to search for jobs of interest is by Position Titles. This is the most common position title for Park Rangers within the Corps:


    How Do You Apply for a Job? - The old answer "very carefully" comes to mind. Read the job announcement closely and pay attention to the language used to describe the position. When you build your resume and answer the questionnaire, be sure you are including your experiences that fit the qualifications and skills listed for the specific job opening. Be sure you provide every document requested in the job announcement or your application will not be considered.

    Resum├ęs are, in themselves, an art form. There are many firms that offer tools and assistance, for a fee, to help in the fine art of writing a winning resume. Note: The Government resume expectation is more extensive than the 1 page template you will learn at your university. We recommend you use the template in USAJOBS.

    Following Up! - All announcements have a POC identified. This should be the contact for any questions that you may have. In addition, can be accessed to review the progress of your application.

    What Happens Next? - Hopefully, you have made it this far, you have located a job you want to apply for, and you have successfully applied using, to include answering the questionnaire and submitting all required documents. The answers to the questionnaire and the appropriate key words appearing in your resume will be ranked to determine qualification. These qualifications determine if you will be placed on the list for consideration by the selecting official. Based on the resumes of the individuals on the list for consideration, the selecting official may choose some applicants to interview. There are many good interview tips on the Good Enough to Share page

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