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Job Hunting

    Careers in the Corps of Engineers - The Corps of Engineers offers many different career opportunities for a multitude of individuals with various backgrounds. From white collar, to gray collar to blue collar, the Corps of Engineers provides challenging work in a number of geographical locations, both overseas and within the United States.

    How Do You Find a Job? - For those currently within the federal system, with access to computers and the Internet, job seeking is easier than ever before. All Federal jobs are normally listed on the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) web page. All Corps of Engineers and Army jobs are also listed on the Army Civilian Personnel Online (CPOL) Website. The OPM Website allows the potential applicant a variety of ways to search for a position, such as by trade, job series, salary demands etc. The CPOL Website lists all Department of Army jobs.

    The Office of Personnel Management has available many tools that let you customize your search for job openings. If you decide to pursue or continue your career in the Natural Resources Management element of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or other Federal Agencies, one of the best methods to search the OPM Website is to perform a search by series. The link below identifies the series and Position Titles for some of the more common jobs found within the Corps' Natural Resource Management Communities.

    Common Natural Resource Management General Schedule Series & Titles

    How Do You Apply for a Job? - The old answer "very carefully" comes to mind. If a job is listed on both the OPM Website and the CPOL Websites, it's advisable to apply for the job under both systems. Both systems use an "artificial intelligence" scanning software that will look for key words in your application and match them up to the key words submitted on the job request by the selecting supervisor. Matching several key words increases the chances that you will be placed on the qualified list that is forwarded to the selecting supervisor.

    • Army Civilian Personnel Online (CPOL) -- In most cases the CPOL Websites will let you file online via an electronic "resume builder." Following the prompts and instructions on the screen is relatively simple. After completing the resume, you must "go back" to the home "resume builder" page in order to submit your application. Submitting at any other location within the Website may result in your application not being properly submitted. Upon proper submission, a confirmation of receipt should be received. Print it and keep it!

    • The Office of Personnel Management, (OPM) - Most OPM-listed positions contain application processes that are spelled out in the individual application announcement. Prospective employees should print the application requirements and follow them explicitly during the application process.

    Resum├ęs are, in themselves, an art form. Knowing what to present and how to present it can make the difference between being called for an interview, or relegated to the "second tier" pile of applications. There are many firms that offer tools and assistance, for a fee, to help in the fine art of writing a winning resume.

    Following Up! - No longer do you have your local servicing Human Resources Office to work with you to ensure that your job application has arrived in the proper office in time to be considered. The ANSWER (Applicant Notification System Web-Enabled Response) system allow you to log in, with a sign-in and a password, to review the progress of your application.

    What Happens Next? - Hopefully you have made it this far, you have located a job you want to apply for, and you have successfully filed a resume or other application for employment. If your scanned application contains the appropriate key words you will be ranked as qualified and placed on the list for consideration by the selecting official. Based on the submitted resumes, the selecting official may choose to interview some of the applicants appearing on the list.

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