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News / Current Issues

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    Memos & Suspenses

    New NRM Recruitment Flyer
    The attached flyer was developed in 2010 as part of a HQ Human Resources overhaul of the recruitment package from many years ago. This flyer can be used at job fairs, college/university recruitment programs or as a way to inform the public what we are looking for in young men and women looking for careers in the Federal service. The flyer can be downloaded and reproduced locally. Kudos go to Adam Tarplee and Renee Stacey for their hard work and dedication in updating this outstanding recruitment tool.

    Natural Resources Management/Operations Recruitment DVD, Exciting Careers in NRM Can Now Be Downloaded from the NRM Gateway
    The DVD can now be downloaded from the NRM Gateway website at: and In addition to the regular employee Gateway pages, it is also linked on the home page of the visitor site of the Corps Lakes Gateway in the bottom left corner under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers section.

    Registering for CL modules
    We wanted to send a reminder to you that the DAU Continuous Learning Center (CLC) and Virtual Campus have been merged. Users of the DAU CLC now have a single site for registration of certification and continuous learning opportunities via your respective registration portal. Once in your registration portal please click on the cloud that reads For DAU Continuous Learning Courses Click Here to receive directions on how to register.

    PLEASE NOTE, if you have not registered for the module through the registration portal you will not receive credit for the module. Logging into the Virtual Campus and taking a module from the browse page WILL NOT GIVE YOU CREDIT FOR THE MODULE.

    If you have questions about how to use the registration system please contact the ATRRS Help Desk at:
    DSN 225-2060/2353

    If you have questions regarding the Virtual Campus or course ware please contact the DAU Help Desk at:
    1-866-568-6924 (Toll Free)
    703-805-3459 (Commercial)
    DSN 655-3459

    Safe Self CD

    All the Safe Self scenarios formerly delivered on DVD can now be viewed at the link below. In the new viewable format, the quiz and certificate are not automatic. Your district may choose to have rangers verify the completion of Safe Self -- check with your district Park Ranger training coordinator for your local verification requirement. To access the scenarios, click this link (or paste link into your bowser)

    You can watch the 16 scenario videos at this link. It is highly recommended that you download the scenarios if you plan to use them for a group presentation. You also have the option of burning a DVD once they are downloaded.

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