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Career Development At a Glance Banner

At a Glance

    The Natural Resources Management Career Development Steering Committee is a group of natural resource management personnel, one per Division, representing the interest of the team members working in the Natural Resource Management field within the Corps of Engineers. This group provides input to the Chief, CECW-CO, on career and training issues.

    This Website is designed to provide tips, hints and sources for:

    • Finding and applying for vacant positions within the Corps of Engineers and other federal agencies;
    • Locating and receiving training related to career growth;
    • Taking advantage of career-enhancing opportunities such as mentoring, shadowing, developmental assignments, counseling discussions, etc.
    • Becoming knowledgeable and reviewing factors that may affect your career.
    • Putting you in control of your career.

    Additionally, within this Website you can:

    • Find a published career guide (EP 690-2-2) to help you plan the training you need to make it to the top.
    • Review the regulations that control personnel actions, EEO, upward mobility, and other aspects of your promotions and career.
    • Find published articles from other sources relating to career topics;
    • Share success stories from some of the leaders, past and present, in the Natural Resources Management family. Learn what they feel are the tools and attitudes that it takes to succeed in the Corps of Engineers.
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