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Mid Career - Trainings

    When you started with the Corps you were bombarded with mandatory trainings that were needed to preform your job. Now that you have been working awhile it is a great time to look into classes that can help advance your career. Don’t just look at agency sponsored training. Take a look at opportunities around you. Some states offer Environmental Education courses that are often free or low cost. Check out Universities, Colleges and Museums that offered continuing education credits. Below is just some of the courses and resources for you to look in to.


    • O&M Contracts (Control Number 119)
    • O&M Contracts Advanced (Control Number 318)
    • Partnerships in Natural Resource Management (Control Number 328)
    • Cultural Resources (Control Number 299)
    • Visitor Assistance Management and Policy (Control Number 324)
    • GIS Introduction (Control Number 205)
    • GIS Intermediate (Control Number 167)

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