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Toolbox/Best Practices

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  • Working Without Sign Pro - tips and tools

    Sign Program Management

    • Sign Plan
      A sign plan is more than an inventory - it is a management tool that evaluates compliance, effectiveness, and is the base for short and long-term decisions impacting signs at your project. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your sign plan.
    • Forms - Fillable forms for inventory, replacement planning, ordering, and maintenance.

    Sign Design: Visuals / Verbiage

    • Sign Manual (Volume 1)
    • Approved Safety Signs - a list of all approved "Caution, Danger, and Warning" safety signs not otherwise appearing in the published manual
    • Request a Nonstandard safety sign
      Have a unique condition that the requires a sign not otherwise available in the manual? There's a process for that!
    • Corps owned Helvetica Font
      Ever wanted the sign fonts (Helvetica) for use in MS Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.? Click link and save them to C:\windows\fonts. They should then appear in the list of fonts in your various programs.
    • Typography (Sign Manual, volume 2, section D)
      In a pinch and need to grid out your sign measurements? It can be done!
    • Traffic Signs
      Know what is consistent and what is not between the Sign Manual and the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways)
    • Fee Signage
      This link details a variety of methods to advise the public of fees and collection methods that are both consistent with EC 1130-2-550, Chapter 9 (DRAFT - Recreational Use Fee Program), and compliant with the Sign Manual.
    • Security Signs
      "Big Army", your security office, and even Homeland Security have opinions on required signage. We can help you navigate that!
    • Non-English Signs


    • Sign Manual (volume 2, section A and section B)
      Don't forget: the manual offers information on sign procurement (Sec. A) and Materials & Specifications (Sec. B)
    • Sign Order Forms
    • Corps of Engineers Sign Shops
    • UNICOR - Federal Prison Industries
      UNICOR "detailers" are familiar with the Corps Sign Manual and can make compliant, quality signs at competitive prices. For purchases greater than $3,000 - UNICOR is the mandated supplier if their price, quality, and time of delivery is comparable to private sector (according to formal Market Research).
    • Private Industry
      Program managers can utilize private industry for sign production, but dont waste valuable money! Make sure the vendor can meet sign standards. Here are some lessons learned!
    • Sign Making
      PowerPoint providing basic how-to on sign production

    Install & Maintenance

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