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Working Without Sign Pro – Tips and Tools

    BACKGROUND: Sign Pro System is Adobe Flash supported and was rendered inoperable January 1, 2021 as part of a DoD-wide mandate to improve cyber security. Sign Pro is a frequently used tool and teams are actively working the problem, but a resolution date has yet to be determined. The following are interim tips and tools for maintaining basic functions of your project sign program without the Sign Pro tool.

    Inventory Management
    Teams are working on a method to pull the existing inventory data out of sign pro into an accessible format for project sign managers. It is recognized changes to inventories are ongoing and a method is needed to document these changes. To accomplish this, sign managers should reference and adapt any existing inventories maintained at their project in hardcopy or electronic format. If an existing inventory is not available, guidance on developing and maintaining a sign plan/inventory is available in section 3 of the sign manual. The following forms are available to assist program managers until an enterprise-wide inventory tool is available:

    One of the most helpful features of Sign Pro is the design tool to create compliant, site-specific (custom grid) signage and generate dimensions and scaled image proofs. Options for reproducing this feature are admittedly limited, but include:

    • Reference Volume II, Section D of the sign manual to determine legend lengths and panel dimensions. The Sign Advisory Working Group has developed an excel-based panel estimation tool to facilitate the process established in Section D. Click the user guide and links below. Additional sections will be added as demand and time allow.
    • Contact your district sign program manager and request a design from the National Sign Program Manager. This option is limited on the time and tools currently available to the National Sign Program Manager.
    • (coming soon – link to be provided) Reference the Sign SharePoint library for an existing sign. This SharePoint catalogues approved signs in the sign program, but are not otherwise printed in the manual.

    Sign Ordering
    The Sign Manual authorizes procurement through a variety of vendors:

    • The Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) is currently the most reliable source for procuring compliant signage. Orders once developed in Sign Pro and sent to UNICOR can be now be accomplished with the forms noted below. Users must reference at minimum: the sign codes from the manual and letter size (“A”). If a site-specific (custom grid) sign is required, users must also identify the sign type, and message (per line) as it would appear on the sign.
      • Sign Order Worksheet (Excel) (PDF) – fillable forms established in manual
      • Sign Order – fillable form created for multiple-panel orders (incorporates input from UNICOR in development of this form)
      • Example Order Form
      • In all cases: a picture, annotated inventory sheet, or rough mock-up image is extremely helpful to attach to sign orders
    • MUTCD traffic signs are compliant with Corps standard and available off-the-shelf from many vendors – just make sure to order the proper size based on the viewing chart in Section 2 of the manual.
    • The sign manual does not prohibit use of a private vendor/fabricator, but this option is only advisable if the vendor fully understands the Corps Sign Standards Manual as applicable to the type of sign being produced, and has the ability to execute the order without altering the standards. Unlike UNICOR, the ordering agent (you) assume all risk for non-compliance and the potential for wasting valuable funding and time (remember: purchasing non-compliant signs is also a misuse of federal dollars). Keep in mind also that while a private sign shop may seem faster or cheaper initially, it is likely additional labor resources (your time) will be invested into insuring the final product meets Corps standards.
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