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National Sign Standards Program Security Signs Banner

Security Signs

    NOTE: Heightened security at some Corps sites may require signage to notify visitors that sites are closed or that special precautions or procedures are in effect.

    When implementing baseline security posture (BSP), Headquarters Homeland Security Office has determined that Corps Civil Works projects should comply with the Sign Standards Manual EP 310-1-6a and 6b.

    The Sign Standards Manual contains several signs that may fill your needs. For exmaple:

    REG-04, page 14.30 of the Sign Standards Manual

    SNO-07, p. 14.39

    SNO-14, p. 14.39

    RES-01, p. 7.50

    RES-02, p. 7.50

    RES-03, p. 7.50

    WRE-22, p. 14.39

    Here are other "Notice" signs (not in the manual) that may prove useful:

    If none of the legends shown above are appropriate for your particular needs, contact your district Sign Program Manager. Special permission is not required from the National Sign Program Manager to create new legends for "Notice" or "Restricted" signs. "Notice" signs should follow either Grid A or Grid B on p. 11.3 of the Sign Standards Manual. "Restricted" signs should follow Grid 1 on p. 7.35.

    When creating custom "Notice" or "Restricted" signs, keep in mind the principles and guidelines found in Section 2 of the sign manual. Keep legends clear and concise (preferably no more than 10 words) and make sure the sign communicates only one message. Do not cite the authority from our regulations or the possible penalty.

    Some district Security Managers may require a sign for specific locations and situations where there is heightened security awareness. The following sign will achieve the applicable objectives of AR 190-13 and FM 3-19.30 (See HQ guidance on Security Sign Conflict with AR 190-13). It should be used minimally to avoid sending a contrary message to our visitors and to avoid creating sign clutter.

    For further information regarding security signage, please contact the HQUSACE Physical Security Office at 202-761-0295/4232/1572.

    For further information regarding general sign standards, format, wording, etc., please contact the National Sign Program Manager at (816) 389-3840.

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