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National Sign Standards Program

Headquarters POCs

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Millions of people use Corps facilities each year. They include campers, boaters, swimmers, towboat crews, contractor employees, and our own staff. To serve all these Corps customers, we have created a sign program that provides good-looking, effective signage. These high-quality signs make our facilities easy to find and easy to get around in. They also ensure the safety of our site users. Finally, by requiring consistent signage at all of our facilities, we identify the Corps "brand" wherever one goes in the United States. All Corps signs are shown in the comprehensive Sign Standards Manual. If you have questions about signs, most of them can be answered right here on this Website. You can also get answers to specific questions, including help designing and constructing waterway signs, at the sign program MCX and from your district Sign Program Manager.

Sign Program Highlights PowerPoint Show

Blue Ball At a Glance Blue Ball News / Current Issues
Blue Ball Policy & Procedures Blue Ball COVID Response
Blue Ball FAQs Blue Ball Program Summary
Blue Ball Good Enough to Share Blue Ball National Sign Program MCX
Blue Ball Lessons Learned Blue Ball Sign Advisory Work Group
Blue Ball The Sign Pro System Blue Ball Project Sign Management
Blue Ball Division & District POCs  Corps Castle Blue Ball Placing Army Star Logo Decals onto Standard ID and Construction ID Signs
Blue Ball Standard Identification Signs with the Army Star Logo (March 2020) Blue Ball Engineering and Construction Bulletin (ECB) for Construction Identification Signs with the Army Star Logo

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