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Points of Contact & Expertise

    Sign Program Managers  Corps Castle
    SmartBook directory of designated POCs for district and division sign program managers. These individuals assist project-level sign program managers with implementing and maintaining the Sign Program.

    Mandatory Center of Expertise (MCX)
    The MCX provides technical guidance and support to districts, divisions, and projects to insure compliance with the Sign Program and associated guidance. The MCX also provides engineering/construction/install expertise for lock, dam and waterway signs. The MCX operations under the direction of the National Sign Program Manager, with oversight from the SAWG.

    Sign Advisory Working Group (SAWG)
    The SAWG provides assistance to districts, divisions, and headquarters in implementing and maintaining the Sign Program. The SAWG also provides oversight and assistance of the Sign Standards to the MCX. The SAWG is comprised of appointed members from each division (operations branch), the national sign program manager, and HQ representatives from navigation, office of council, and safety office. A chair is appointed by SAWG members to facilitate coordination between the SAWG and the MCX.

    • Sign Advisory Work Group Members  Corps Castle
    • Meeting Minutes - SAWG holds monthly meetings to review current SIGN ACTIONS and other needs of the program. An in-person meeting is conducted annually to assess the program, provide progress updates, and identify priorities for the next year.
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