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Volunteer Program Policy & Procedures

Volunteer Program - Policy & Procedures

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    Engineer Regulations

    Policy Letter

    • 04-01, dated 27 October 2004
      Volunteer Value of Service Hourly Rate
        This memorandum initiated the Corps using the Independent Sector's hourly rate to determine the value of volunteer service. Since 2005, the value of volunteer service is calculated automatically in OMBIL by entering the number of volunteer hours.

        For reference, the volunteer value of service hourly rates

        • FY 2017 - $24.14
        • FY 2016 - $23.56
        • FY 2015 - $23.07
        • FY 2014 - $22.55
        • FY 2013 - $22.14
        • FY 2012 - $21.79
        • FY 2011 - $21.36
        • FY 2010 - $20.85
        • FY 2009 - $20.25
        • FY 2008 - $19.51
        • FY 2007 - $18.77
        • FY 2006 - $18.04
        • FY 2005 - $17.55
        • FY 2004 - $17.19

    • Implementation Guidance, dated 12 August 2016, dated 11/2/11
        This memorandum provides implementation guidance for Section 1047(d) of WRRDA 2014. Section 1047(d), "Services of Volunteers," amended Chapter IV of title I of Public Law 98-63 (33 U.S.C ยง 569c) to expand the definition of "incidental expenses" to include expenses relating to uniforms, transportation, lodging, and the subsistence of volunteers. In addition to the WRRDA amendments, other changes in policy were made to update the ER/EP. This memorandum supersedes and replaces the ER and EP 1130-2-500 Chapter 10. No other chapters of ER & EP 1130-2-500 are affected by this policy memorandum and all other chapters remain in effect. These policy changes to the Volunteer Program are effective immediately and will be incorporated in the referenced ER and EP when they are revised.

    • Volunteer Bonding Policy Letter, dated 07 September 2016

    Public Laws (P.L.)

    • 33 USC 569c, Public Law 98-63, Chapter IV of Title, Services of Volunteers
      33 USC 569c, further amended by WRRDA 2014 authorized: The United States Army Chief of Engineers may accept the services of volunteers and provide for their incidental expenses, including expenses relating to uniforms, transportation, lodging, and the subsistence of those volunteers, to carry out any activity of the Army Corps of Engineers except policy-making or law or regulatory enforcement. Such volunteers shall not be employees of the United States Government except for the purposes of (1) chapter 171 of title 28, relating to tort claims, and (2) chapter 81 of title 5, relating to compensation for work injuries.

    • 42 USC 139, Public Law 105-19, Volunteer Protection Act of 1997
      The purpose of this act is to promote the interests of social service program beneficiaries and taxpayers and to sustain the availability of programs, nonprofit organizations, and governmental entities that depend on volunteer contributions by reforming the laws to provide certain protections from liability abuses related to volunteers serving nonprofit organizations and governmental entities.


    • 03/05/18 Awardees for the 2017 Excellence in Partnership Award and the National Volunteer Award
      The attached memos announce the selection of the awardees for the 2017 Excellence in Partnership Award and the National Volunteer Award. The National Excellence in Partnerships and National Volunteer awards are co-sponsored by the Corps Foundation. They will be presented to each of the recipients in late spring or early summer of 2018.

      Excellence in Partnerships Award: The Friends of Recreation and Environmental Stewardship (FOREST) Council, Mark Twain Lake (MVS), has been selected as the USACE recipient of the 2017 National Excellence in Partnerships Award for their efforts in supporting the environmental stewardship and recreation missions at Mark Twain Lake. The FOREST Council has developed facilities that are a desired educational resource for regional schools, youth groups and wildlife management organizations further enhancing the partnerships at Mark Twain Lake. The Council has assisted in the development of the Northeast Missouri Environmental Stewardship Demonstration Area, the Joanna Trail restrooms, the Frank Russell Pond Pavilion, the Frank Russell Equestrian and Outdoor Adventure Campground, the Frank Russell Pond Barrier Free Access and Fishing Facilities, and the Mark Twain Archery Park.

      National Volunteer Award: Will and Judy Carter (MVR) have been selected as USACE recipients of the 2017 National Volunteer Award for 12 years of dedication to the natural resource program at Saylorville Lake. Together, they have donated over 9,250 hours of volunteer service. Mr. and Mrs. Carter's efforts in prairie and pollinator habitat enhancement, tree planting, and public education have been instrumental to the enhancement of habitats, improving the visitor experience, and strengthening public outreach at Saylorville Lake.

      Thanks for the incredible things our partners and volunteers continue to do for this Nation each and every day!

      Best Regards,

      Scott Strotman Acting Chief, Natural Resources Management Branch

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