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Volunteer Program Policy & Procedures

Volunteer Program - Policy & Procedures

    Engineer Pamphlets

    Engineer Regulations

    Policy Letter

    • 04-01, dated 27 October 2004
      Volunteer Value of Service Hourly Rate
        This memorandum initiated the Corps using the Independent Sector's hourly rate to determine the value of volunteer service. Since 2005, the value of volunteer service is calculated automatically in OMBIL by entering the number of volunteer hours.

        For reference, the volunteer value of service hourly rates

        • FY 2023 - $31.80
        • FY 2022 - $29.95
        • FY 2021 - $28.54
        • FY 2020 - $27.20
        • FY 2019 - $25.43
        • FY 2018 - $24.69
        • FY 2017 - $24.14
        • FY 2016 - $23.56
        • FY 2015 - $23.07
        • FY 2014 - $22.55
        • FY 2013 - $22.14
        • FY 2012 - $21.79
        • FY 2011 - $21.36
        • FY 2010 - $20.85
        • FY 2009 - $20.25
        • FY 2008 - $19.51
        • FY 2007 - $18.77
        • FY 2006 - $18.04
        • FY 2005 - $17.55
        • FY 2004 - $17.19

    • Implementation Guidance, dated 12 August 2016, dated 11/2/11
        This memorandum provides implementation guidance for Section 1047(d) of WRRDA 2014. Section 1047(d), "Services of Volunteers," amended Chapter IV of title I of Public Law 98-63 (33 U.S.C § 569c) to expand the definition of "incidental expenses" to include expenses relating to uniforms, transportation, lodging, and the subsistence of volunteers. In addition to the WRRDA amendments, other changes in policy were made to update the ER/EP. This memorandum supersedes and replaces the ER and EP 1130-2-500 Chapter 10. No other chapters of ER & EP 1130-2-500 are affected by this policy memorandum and all other chapters remain in effect. These policy changes to the Volunteer Program are effective immediately and will be incorporated in the referenced ER and EP when they are revised.

    • Volunteer Background Investigation Policy Update, dated March 2020
      • Webinar on Procedures Update - 19 March 2020 Guidance for Section 1047(d) Services of Volunteers, of the Water Resources and Development Act of 2013, Public Law 113-121" for volunteer background investigations. The guidance is provided to meet the most current security standards for processing background investigations and to provide consistency in procedures across all MSCs. These procedural updates are effective immediately and will be incorporated in the appropriate ER/EP when they are revised.

    • Volunteer Bonding Policy Letter, dated 07 September 2016

    Public Law Regulation

    • 33 USC 569c, Public Law 98-63, Chapter IV of Title, Services of Volunteers
      33 USC 569c, further amended by WRRDA 2014 authorized: The United States Army Chief of Engineers may accept the services of volunteers and provide for their incidental expenses, including expenses relating to uniforms, transportation, lodging, and the subsistence of those volunteers, to carry out any activity of the Army Corps of Engineers except policy-making or law or regulatory enforcement. Such volunteers shall not be employees of the United States Government except for the purposes of (1) chapter 171 of title 28, relating to tort claims, and (2) chapter 81 of title 5, relating to compensation for work injuries.

    • 42 USC 139, Public Law 105-19, Volunteer Protection Act of 1997
      The purpose of this act is to promote the interests of social service program beneficiaries and taxpayers and to sustain the availability of programs, nonprofit organizations, and governmental entities that depend on volunteer contributions by reforming the laws to provide certain protections from liability abuses related to volunteers serving nonprofit organizations and governmental entities.


    • 09/07/23 2023 Excellence in Partnerships Award and Volunteer of the Year Nominations
      On behalf of Mr. Thomas P. Smith, Chief of Operations and Regulatory, I'm pleased to request your nominations for an outstanding partner within your area of responsibility for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Excellence in Partnerships Award and outstanding volunteer(s) for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers National Volunteer of the Year Award. These awards will be presented in 2024 at the award recipients' locations in ceremonies that recognize their outstanding partnerships and service to the Corps.

      The Excellence in Partnerships Award began in 2001 and is now in its twenty- second year recognizing exceptional contributions by a partner providing substantial support to the Corps Recreation and/or Environmental Stewardship programs. Each year, the award recipient is selected based on accomplishment of management objectives, creativity, improvements in public awareness and education, serving diverse audiences, and involvement of other partners. See Nomination Criteria

      The National Volunteer Award began in 2014, and was created to nationally recognize the extraordinary service provided by volunteers, draw attention to their vast skills and contributions, and encourage an attitude of stewardship and responsibility in caring for Corps lands, facilities, and resources. The intent of the award is to distinguish those individuals, couples/family units who give their skills, talents, and time beyond the normal call of duty and whose creditable service to the Corps has resulted in the significant enhancement to one or more of the Corps business lines.

      Nominations must be routed through each District to the MSC. Each MSC recreation/stewardship business line manager will electronically forward nomination packages assembled in accordance with the enclosed criteria and instructions to Francis Ferrell, CESAW-OP-LRJ, no later than 01 December 2023. A selection committee will review the nominations and provide me with recommendations for final selection.

      Two informational webinars will be provided to explain the application process and answer any questions. Webinar invitations will be sent out one week in advance.

    • Sep 20 from 1:00 – 2:00 Eastern
    • Nov 1 from 11:00 – 12:00 Eastern
    • More information about these awards can be found on the NRM Gateway at

      The POC for this activity is Heather Burke, who can be reached via e-mail at

      Please encourage your staff to nominate worthy partnership and volunteers. Their service is so very valuable to our NRM mission! Thank you,

      Jeffrey F. Krause
      Chief, Natural Resources Management

    • 02/08/23 2022 Volunteer Award Recipients
      I am pleased to share the attached memos, signed by Thomas P. Smith, Chief of Operations, announcing the selection of the awardees for the 2022 Excellence in Partnership Award and the National Volunteer Award, co-sponsored by the Corps Foundation. These awards will be presented to each of the recipients later this year.

      National Volunteer Award: This year’s USACE national volunteer of the year award recipients are Red and Joy Lyons of Carters Lake in the Mobile District. Mr. and Mrs. Lyons have donated over 5,000 hours of volunteer service over a two-year period. While at Carters, the Lyons have supported a wide range of objectives, including water safety, interpretation, landscaping, wildlife management, campground host duties and routine maintenance. Their love and dedication for the project led them to create a new partnership organization, Our Beautiful Carters Lake.

      I want to extend my sincere appreciation for the incredible service that all of our partners and volunteers continue to provide USACE and this Nation each and every day!

      Jeffrey F. Krause
      Chief, Natural Resources Management
      Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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