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Volunteer Program anner

National Volunteer Week

    National Volunteer Week is held annually during the third week in April. It is an opportunity to thank the thousands of volunteers across the country who keep USACE running, communities safe and provide the services that otherwise would not exist without volunteers.

    Many organizations across the country rely on volunteers, and volunteering comes in many different forms. Volunteers are the people who keep rural fire departments and ambulances running. They are the people who keep food co-ops, food banks and soup kitchens open, feeding those in need. Volunteers step in to provide shelter, medical care and clothing to those in need. They also offer comforting words during trying times or sage advice as a mentor. Their valuable time and services fill gaps, bellies and hearts all across the nation.

    It's also a time to consider volunteering or providing support to those organizations vital to your community.

    How to Observe #NationalVolunteerWeek

    • Thank a volunteer. Say thank you to the volunteers at your projects! Send an email, host a recognition event, post about them on social media, present them with an America the Beautiful volunteer pass if they are eligible, or nominate them for an award.
    • Host a volunteer event. Invite visitors to join a volunteer event at your project. Be sure to post your volunteer event on
    • Ask volunteers to share their volunteer experience. Invite volunteers to share a photo and their volunteer story. Volunteer stories can be used for local media, on project or district social media accounts, or as news articles on USACE websites.
    • Step up and volunteer in your community.
    • Visit to find out more about National Volunteer Week and find out how you can make a difference.
    • Use #NationalVolunteerWeek to share on social media.

    National Volunteer Week was established by a Presidential Proclamation in 1974 to highlight the various opportunities available for those interested in volunteering.

    2023 Volunteer Week spotlights

  • NWK: National Volunteer Week spotlight template

    2022 Volunteer Week spotlights

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