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Workamper News

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a contract with Workamper News to provide Gold membership status to advertise contract and volunteer positions at USACE projects. This allows USACE projects that create a free account on to:

  • Be included in a special USACE feature issue of Workamper News in Sep/Oct each year.

  • Place Help Wanted ads in any of the bi-monthly issues of Workamper News, which has a readership of 8,000 per print version and 30,000+ per digital version. Workamper Opportunity ads are organized by state. The text ad will be printed with the USACE logo. USACE can run ads in each of the six issues per year. The ad can be up to 100 words and can advertise volunteer or paid contract positions.

  • Place Hotline Email and Website ads to receive immediate inquiries. The highly successful Hotline was created to give employers immediate access to Workampers in order to fill immediate openings but can also be used to assist with future season recruiting. The Hotline is updated each weekday (Monday through Friday). A Hotline ad will run for two weeks at a time. When a Hotline ad is scheduled, it is sent in the daily Hotline email to thousands of Workamper members on the first day of the 14-day schedule. It is also posted on the Hotline page for 14 days. Workampers also have the option of receiving job alert emails, so many Workampers may receive the ad in their email inbox right after it is posted! Each USACE site can run four 2-week Hotline ads per year. The ad can have up to 100 words and can advertise volunteer or paid contract positions. You can run one ad for eight weeks or submit your ad at different times during the year.

  • Receive 6 issues of Workamper News per year. In the Classifieds section of each issue there are Situations Wanted ads submitted by Workampers looking for opportunities.

  • View current and past issues of the magazine online.

  • Access the Awesome Applicants Resume database. This online resume database is filled with great Workampers looking for opportunities. The site allows you to run an advanced search, save resumes of interest, and rate them.

  • Create/Edit an Employer Tour. This is a mini profile to show off your Workamping environment.

  • Access the Media Library. Find videos on hiring Workampers and maintaining a Workamper program.

    Contact Workamper News to take advantage of these benefits.
    Phone: 800-446-5627

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