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Gateway To Go

    "Gateway to Go" is the start of a suite of exportable products for the NRM staff person to provide the general public. This site is the location for product review and download. Please submit your comments and suggestions for these products or ideas for other products here.

    Products for the Public

    Business Card CDs
    The products provided on this site are intended for local production and distribution. Unless otherwise specified, each product is designed for a "Business Card CD" format. The Business Card CD is the size of a business card and hold up to 50 Megabytes depending on its shape. The product runs on a regular computer CD player and has an auto-load capability. Product venders may be obtained from a search of the Internet or other local sources. The cost of production varies by the number produced. These products are considered INFORMATIONAL.

    Our authority for production and distribution is the same as our development of brochures and other informational documents for the general public

    Recruitment CD
    Currently the NRM Gateway and Career Development teams are working to develop tools for job recruitment in Natural Resources and Environmental Careers. Additional information on hiring, training and career development can be found on this site

    It will describe some of the environmental careers available with the Corps of Engineers.

    Version 1.0 developed 2001

  • View Product (Opens in New Window)
  • Download Product 12.5 MB (Use WinZip to uncompress)
  • Download Graphic 0.4 MB (Use WinZip to uncompress)

    2008 Version

  • WMV File (114 MB)
  • Whole CD to Reproduce (Zip file, 622 MB)
  • Exciting Careers in Natural Resources Management - Web versions

    Send us your comments and suggestions for this product.

    Partnership CD
    The Partnership team has developed a tool for mangers to work with prospective partners. The product was developed in coordination of the NRM Gateway Partnership pages and the 2003 Partners in Stewardship Conference.

    Designed: Business Card CD
    Size is approx. 2.5 x 3 inches.

    The content will provide an overview of NRM current authority in partnerships, link to the NRM Gateway , and the Corps Volunteer Clearinghouse site for information on current partners and initiatives.

    Version 1.0 developed 2003

  • View Product (Opens in New Window)
  • Download Windows Product 3.94 MB (Use WinZip to uncompress)
    This version is for Windows only. The auto run file is included in the download.
  • Download Dual Platform Product 8.02 MB (Use WinZip to uncompress)
    This version is dual platform (Windows and Mac). However, we can only provide the autorun for the Windows version. If you want a dual platform CD, the autorun for Mac must be done during the CD creation process. The company that produced the CDs uses Toast software where auto run is enable for Mac files.
  • Download Graphic 0.5 MB (Use WinZip to uncompress)
    The graphic is provided in PhotoShop and TIF formats.
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