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NRM Gateway Initiative Job Descriptions Banner

Job Descriptions

  • Content Subject Matter Expert

  • Technical Coordinators
      Length of Commitment:
      • Minimum of 2-years?
      • Indefinite tenure.
      Duties & Responsibilities
      • Serve as a member of the Gateway Working Group
      • Assist in recruitment of Content SMEs
      • Draft HQ correspondence as needed, to include new Content SMEs appointments and content development workshop announcements
      • Conduct periodic content development workshops
      • Coordinate content delivery and review protocol with Content SMEs, CECW-ON proponents, the Gateway Web Developer, and the Gateway Project Leader (includes periodic TDY to ERDC for coordination meetings)
      • Maintain updated information on the NRM Gateway Initiative page of the Gateway
      • Continuously review the Gateway to maintain overall concept of the site and to suggest links between various pages with related information
      • Evaluate comments received periodically from the Gateway Field Review Group and other sources and respond appropriately
      • Assist with marketing of the Gateway, to include presentations at conferences and meetings
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  • Background
  • At a Glance
  • Awards
  • Correspondence
  • How to Get Involved
  • NRM Gateway Development Team
  • Content Development
  • Content SMEs
  • List of Current SMEs
  • Job Descriptions
  • Gateway Principles
  • Headquarters' Perspective
  • Gateway PMP
  • Graphics
  • CoP Questions
  • CoP Functions on the Gateway
  • Corps Lakes Gateway Initiative
  • Policy & Procedures
  • How to Cite
  • Presentations
  • References
  • The NRM Gateway Story - Past, Present, Future