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    November 1999 Development of a Website for the Recreation Program is identified as a priority initiative by attendees at the Fall 1999 RMSP Meeting. Kathleen Perales is the Principal Investigator, and Susan Shampine is named the RMSP proponent for the effort.
    March 2000 Preliminary Website Working Group meeting is held at WES to begin planning for site development.
    April 2000 Spring 2000 RMSP Meeting participants are presented with the strawman of the site, and add further support for the initiative.
    July - November 2000 Dr. Bonnie F. Bryson is detailed to WES to coordinate initial content development for a prototype Website.
    August 2000 First meeting of the full Working Group to guide Website development is held at Michigan State University.
    • Programs for potential content development and posting on the Website were identified. With the focus on in-house audience, recommended that not only Recreation topic areas but also those for Environmental Compliance and Environmental Stewardship be addressed in the initial announcement of the initiative to the field.
    • Recommended the site be called the NRM Website instead of Recreation Website.
    September 2000 CECW-ON memorandum to the field announces the initiative and requests that Districts and Divisions identify POCs for programs listed, SMEs for Website topic area content development, and Field Reviewers for the Website.
    November 2000 Fall 2000 RMSP Meeting participants are shown the prototype site. The group prioritizes topic areas for initial content development.
    January 2001 Second meeting of the Working Group is held in Washington, DC:ยท The Website initiative is renamed the NRM Gateway.
    • Attendees for the first Content Development Workshop are identified based on review of RMSP prioritization of Recreation topic areas for initial content development.
    • Dr. Bonnie Bryson's association with the initiative is defined as that of Recreation Technical Coordinator.
    • CECW-ON staff names Dr. Michael A. Loesch as the Environmental Stewardship (ES) Technical Coordinator so that identification of topic areas and SMEs for ES content development can proceed.
    2 February 2001 CECW-ON memorandum to the field appoints Content SMEs and describes their roles in Recreation topic area content development. The memo also identifies invitees to the first NRM Gateway Content Development Workshop.
    20-23 February 2001 First NRM Gateway Content Development Workshop for Recreation topic areas is held in Louisville, KY.
    16 March 2001 CECW-ON memorandum to the field appoints members of the Field Review Group and identifies their roles in reviewing Gateway site development.
    10 April 2001 NRM Gateway's grand opening coincides with the NRM National Meeting in Portland, OR.
    July 2001 Second NRM Gateway Content Development Workshop for Recreation topic areas held in Louisville, KY.
    October 2001 The NRM Gateway Team is awarded NSPR's William Penn Mott, Jr. Award for Excellence
    February 2002 Third NRM Gateway Content Development Workshop for Recreation topic areas held concurrently with first workshop for Environmental Compliance topics in Louisville, KY.
    June 2002 Second NRM Gateway Content Development Workshop for Environmental Compliance topic areas held in Louisville, KY.
    August 2002 First NRM Gateway Content Development Workshop to develop Goodtime Lake knowledge management component scheduled for Louisville, KY.
    November 2002 Third NRM Gateway Content Development workshop for Environmental Compliance topic areas scheduled for Savannah, GA.
    2003 Environmental Compliance business area was launched
    2004 Corps Lakes Visitor Pages were launched to the public
    2005 2005 Initial Gateway PMP
    2005 Environmental Stewardship business area made an initial launch
    2006 Operations Project Manager Gateway section launched
    2008 Park Ranger CoP Gateway section launched
    2008 Bryson, B. F., Perales, K., Jackson, R. S., and Dickerson, V (2008) Knowledge Networks: The Social Software Perspective, Chapter Corps of Engineers Natural Resources Management (NRM) Gateway: Communities in Practice, edited by: Miltiadis D. Lytras, University of Patras, Greece; Robert Tennyson, University of Minnesota, USA; Patricia Ordonez de Pablos, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain. IGI Global.
    2011 Partnership Advisory Committee reorganized and updated Partnership pages
    May 2011 Gateway Team completed Knowledge Management Certification
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