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    American Recreation Coalition's Legends and Beacon Awards
    The American Recreation Coalition annually honors an outstanding employee from each federal land management agency with the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) Legends Award. This award is presented to recognize extraordinary individual efforts that have expanded and enhanced recreational opportunities, connecting people- especially children- and the outdoors, through public/private partnerships, or have increased participation in outdoor recreation through innovative programs based upon public/private partnerships. Award criteria include:

    • Quantifiable improvements in recreation opportunities or participation in recreation by non-traditional visitors
    • Reliance upon partnerships with the private sector
    • use of creative solutions and programs and sharing news of creative solutions with the agency
    • Community support for the work of the individual

    The Beacon Award recognizes outstanding initiatives where new technologies provide improved, cost-effective solutions to recreation program needs. Award criteria include:

    • Innovation in either the use of technology for visitor services or the use of technology for recreation management;
    • Partnerships with for-profit and nonprofit organizations in the private sector;
    • Efforts to share news of creative solutions within the agency; and
    • Community support for the work of this initiative, as reflected in awards, community boards and committees, etc

    Legends and Beacon Award Recipients

    William Penn Mott Award
    National Society for Park Resources (NSPR)

    On 5 October 2001, the National Society for Park Resources (NSPR) recognized the Natural Resources Management Gateway team with the William Penn Mott Award for Excellence at its annual meeting in Denver, Colorado. The William Penn Mott Award is the highest honor awarded by NSPR, which is a branch of the National Recreation and Parks Association, the professional organization for recreation practitioners. The Natural Resources Management Gateway is a knowledge management based website, developed by ERDC under the direction of the Recreation Management Support Program to provide accessible, current, and sanctioned policy, guidance and information assistance to the Corps recreation program managers.

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