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Headquarters' Perspective

    The NRM Gateway is a knowledge management system, developed under the direction of the Recreation Leadership Advisory Team as a product of the Recreation Management Support program. The NRM Gateway provides a single point of access to Corps of Engineers Natural Resources Management Program information for all Corps employees. Launched in April 2001, the Gateway currently contains information about many of the recreation program areas. Content for additional recreation program areas, as well as other NRM areas, is being developed and will be posted when available.

    The Gateway is being developed by Corps NRM employees for Corps NRM employees. The information is organized around program areas as a knowledge-based system, integrating people, policies, programs and practices. A navigation tool bar at the top of the opening page leads the user to web site components.

    Plans are currently underway to develop a public component of the Gateway, which will provide extensive, accessible information about the Corps NRM program for the general public. Possible future enhancements include the capability to Webcast programs, presentations and training sessions to further the Chief's vision of the Corps as a learning organization.

    Visit the Gateway at Click on "New Postings" to take a self-guided tour of the site, and see what it offers you for help in doing your job. If you have comments or suggestions or if you wish to participate in the further development of this web site, please contact Kathy Perales, NRM Gateway Principal Investigator, or Dr. Bonnie Bryson, NRM Gateway Recreation Technical Coordinator.

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