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National Committees

    National Committee or Task Force Mission / Purpose
    Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) CISM is a peer-driven stress management program that combines pre-crisis preparation, stress education, and post-event response to help people recover more quickly from abnormally stressful job-related incidents and trauma, collectively known as "critical incidents."
    Coach, Assist and Train Teams (CATT) Coach, Assist, and Train Teams (CATTs) are regional trouble-shooting teams, comprised of specially trained field personnel, with the mission of providing support to field locations utilizing Park Suite software for National Recreation Reservation Service™ (NRRS™) operations on issues that are not contractually required for support by ReserveAmerica.
    Ecosystem Management and Restoration Research Program (EMRRP) The Ecosystem Management and Restoration Research Program was established to provide responsive, tactical research and development response to the demand for new and expanding technologies to address the need for ecosystem assessment, restoration, and management activities at the project level.
    National Sign Advisory Work Group The National Sign Advisory Work Group has been established to provide general oversight of the sign program and the MCX. Among the group's duties are the formulation and recommendation of sign policy changes and the review of requests for nonstandard safety signs.
    National Uniform Committee The National Uniform Committee is responsible for addressing employee concerns that impact the uniform program on a national basis and for forwarding appropriate comments to HQUSACE for consideration and possible adoption.
    National Water Safety Product Advisory Committee The Corps National Water Safety Products Advisory Committee is responsible for providing support to HQUSACE Water Safety Products Program. The intent of the USACE Water Safety Program is to identify life-threatening concerns associated with water-based recreation and increase public awareness of safe practices through educational media.
    Natural Resource Management Career Development Steering Committee The Natural Resource Management Career Development Steering Committee (NRMCDSC) has been established to provide permanent oversight and overall direction to the elements that compose the NRM program. The committee functions primarily to develop recommendations for HQUSACE (CECW-ON) to insure that the NRM Career Development Program elements are structured to support the needs of NRM field community.
    NRM Fire Management Task Force The NRM Fire Management Task Force was established to gather and analyze data to assist in the development of an effective and efficient Corps fire management program that address policy guidance, a sample format for Corps project fire management plans, and training and certification requirements.
    Partnerships In addition to researching Corps authorities, the policies and guidance of other agencies should be examined. The PDT will also research stakeholders and other non-governmental organizations’ policies and guidance.
    Recreation Leadership Advisory Team The Recreation Leadership Advisory Team (RLAT) was formed to provide oversight and serve as an ad hoc committee to the Chief of the Natural Resources Management Branch in HQUSACE. It provides guidance and review to the Recreation Management Support Program (RMSP).
    Recreation Use Fees Task Force The purpose of this task force is to identify and articulate appropriate policy additions, deletions, and modifications relevant to the recreation use fee program for incorporation in ER 1130-2-550, Chapter 9 - Recreation Use Fees and EP l1130-2-550, Chapter 9 - Recreation Use Fees.
    Section 208a Task Force The Section 208a Task Force was established to develop a strategy for identifying and implementing actions that places the Corps of Engineers in conformance with Section 208(a) of the Water Resources Development Act of 1996 (Public Law 104-303).
    Stewardship Advisory Team The Stewardship Support Program (SSP) is a support initiative administered by the HQ, Natural Resources Management Branch. The effort is designed to assist in the strategic planning of the USACE Environment-Stewardship business program and to provide support for natural resources stewardship issues or initiatives that have broad applicability to many USACE Civil Works projects. The SSP identifies and addresses USACE national natural resources stewardship program priorities through recommendation of and assistance in the development of management action, policy and research.
    Visitors Center Initiative To accomplish the specific tasks, a multidiscipline field team was established to significantly modify our centers to improve the delivery of the Corps message through modern interactive exhibits.

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