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Special Events with Partners

    There are many opportunities throughout the year to work with partners on special events to promote the Corps natural resource management program, recreation opportunities and environmental stewardship. Working with partners helps to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts, pools scarce resources, and fosters a shared sense of stewardship and advocacy. Some events involve a volunteer component to engage the community to work on projects that benefit public lands, while others focus on water safety education and outreach. Below is a list of a few national programs which facilitate partnerships for special events.

  • Every Kid Outdoors
    The Every Kid Outdoors initiative is designed to provide all fourth grade students and their families with free admission to federal lands and water for a full year (September 1 - August 31). America's public lands and waters offer space to get outside and get active, and are living classrooms that provide opportunities to build critical skills through hands-on activities. This initiative's goal is to inspire the next generation to discover all that America's public lands and waters have to offer.

  • National Volunteer Week
    National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to celebrate the impact of volunteer service and the power of volunteers to tackle society’s greatest challenges, to build stronger communities and be a force that transforms the world. National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 and has grown exponentially each year, with thousands of volunteer projects and special events scheduled throughout the week.

    Through programs such as the President's Volunteer Service Award, Daily Point of Light Award and the Extra Mile - Points of Light Volunteer Pathway, Points of Light Institute recognizes volunteers and the tremendous impact they are making on our country's most critical challenges year-round.

  • Earth Day
    Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. Earth Day is now coordinated globally on April 22 by the Earth Day Network and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year. Numerous communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues.

  • International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD)
    IMBD celebrates and brings attention to the annual bird migration in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. IMBD officially takes place on the second Saturday in May in the U.S. but most events take place in April and May. Citizens who are enthusiastic about birds, informed about threats, and empowered to become involved in addressing those threats, can make a tremendous contribution to maintaining healthy bird populations. Environment for the Americas develops many educational and promotional materials related to each year’s theme. You may use these materials at any time to support your events and programs.

  • Kids to Parks Day
    The National Park Trust (NPT) partnered with the Corps of Engineers to connect children to the outdoors by encouraging families to visit their federal and state parks. NPT is non-profit organization with a mission of protecting America's critical parklands through education, partnerships, and community-building. The first annual Kids to Parks Day was held on May 21, 2011. NPT encouraged parents to make a pledge on their website to take their kids or a group of kids to a park in celebration of this national event.

    Click here for more information about the NPT and resources for the event.

  • National Safe Boating Week
    The Corps partners with the National Safe Boating Council to help promote safe boating practices during National Safe Boating Week (typically in May). The NSBC conducts ongoing national campaigns to promote safe boating, distributes safe boating information and materials, develops safe boating programs, and works with partners to advance boating education.

  • National Trails Day
    National Trails Day, a nationwide celebration of trails held annually on the first Saturday in June, brings awareness to trails and thanks many people and partners for their support and hard work, including volunteers, land agencies, and outdoor minded businesses. It is a great opportunity to introduce people to the many joys and benefits of trails. You can register your event on American Hiking Society’s website, and work with AHS to ensure a successful day. Their resource section provides press releases, templates, and designs.

  • National Fishing and Boating Week
    National Fishing and Boating Week (NFBW) is a national celebration of fishing and boating coordinated by Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF). Coinciding with most states' free fishing days, NFBW occurs the first full week of June. Thousands of sites all over the country host events to promote fishing and boating. This event provides an opportunity to increase visitation to Corps parks and awareness of Corps recreation offerings. To make it easy to plan and promote a successful event, RBFF:
    • Provides free Event Planning resources, from logistical how-to's to event ideas to tips for identifying and mobilizing local partners and sponsors.
    • Promotes your registered events on through a national public relations campaign centered around NFBW, positioning these events as great places for families to get involved in recreational fishing and boating.

  • National Hunting and Fishing Day
    In 1972, Congress established a special day to honor hunters and anglers for their leadership in conserving America’s wildlife and wild places. National Hunting and Fishing Day is organized by Wonders of Wildlife and is typically held the last Saturday in September. Over the years, National Hunting and Fishing Day has boasted many public relations successes, assisted by celebrities who volunteered to help spotlight the conservation accomplishments of sportsmen and women.

  • National Public Lands Day
    National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is the nation's largest, single-day volunteer event for public lands in the United States. It is typically held on the last Saturday in September each year. Eight federal agencies, nonprofits and state, regional and local governments participate in the annual day of caring for shared lands. The Corps of Engineers has been one of the largest participants among the federal land management agencies in NPLD over the past few years.

    Click here for more information and resources for the event.

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