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Contributions Program Banner

Contributions Program

Headquarters Partnership POC

The contributions program was authorized by 33 USC 2325, Sec. 203 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1992 (Public Law 102-580), to allow the acceptance of contributions from groups and individuals to provide for operation and management of recreation facilities and protection and restoration of natural resource at civil works water resource projects. Contributions must be within current authorities, consistent within the Corps mission, and for work items contained in an approved annual 5-year operational management plan. Accepted contributions shall be recorded into the NRM Assessment/OMBIL tracking system to provide historical documentation of past distribution and designation of services.

Contributions include, but are not limited to cash, funds, materials and services for:

  • The protection, improvement, restoration, rehabilitation, or interpretation of natural resources, environmental features, recreation areas and facilities, or cultural resources.
  • Improvement of accessibility for disabled persons
  • Rehabilitating existing facilities
  • Improving wildlife habitat
  • Producing interpretive and water safety brochures, publications and videos
  • Plant native plants and trees
  • Supporting endangered species recovery plans
  • Maintaining trails


  • All facilities and work accomplished become the property of the Corps.
  • Real estate cannot be accepted under this program.
  • Recognition shall be encouraged as a way to express appreciation to contributors and acknowledge the public support that has been received.
  • Contributions are not an augmentation of the budget.

    The contribution plan provides a formal document that describes in general terms the categories or types of work that have been identified in the Operational Management Plan (OPM) and are eligible for being accomplished under the authority of the Corps' Contributions Program. In conjunction with describing the general nature or categories of work to be accomplished, the plan also addresses the following: general procedures and methods for receiving and accounting for monetary contributions; methods for providing recognition to contributors and acknowledging public support; and designation of the individual responsible for assuring overall proper management and administration of the contributions program. These plans do not require a signature from the donor.

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