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Challenge Cost Sharing Cooperative Management Program

Headquarters Partnership POC

Declining budgets and a growing demand for safe and updated recreation opportunities have provided Corps projects an opportunity to partner with non-Federal public entities to share management responsibilities. The Corps can benefit by sharing the operation costs and management responsibility of parks and other public areas, and the public can benefit from having improved facilities and services.

Corps facilities may be operated in collaboration with eligible non-Federal public entities through a Challenge Cost Sharing Cooperative Management (CCSCM) Agreement and Partner Operations Plan. Agreements may be entered into with non-Federal entities for the purposes of cooperatively managing public recreation areas, and fees may be collected and retained by the partner for reinvestment at the site at which the fees are collected.

Key Factors in Challenge Cost Sharing Cooperative Management:

  • Collection of fees: The non-Federal public entity that has entered into a CCSCM agreement may collect user fees for the use of developed recreation sites and facilities, whether developed or constructed by that entity or the Department of the Army.
  • Use of fees: The non-Federal public entity that collects the user fees may retain up to 100 percent of the fees collected, and shall use any retained amount for operation, maintenance, and management activities at the recreation site at which the fee is collected.

  • Eligible entities for Cooperative Management:
  • State governments
  • County governments
  • Municipality or local governments
  • Public institutions of higher education
  • Indian Tribes
  • A competitive notice of eligibility is required
  • A model CCSCM Agreement Template approved by the ASA(CW) and HQUSACE is provided for use and required for cooperatively managed sites.
  • A Partner Operations Plan that outlines the respective operations, management, and development activities to be undertaken by the Corps and the Partner(s) is required.
  • CCSCMAs do not require a partner to receive an outgrant or other form of real estate interest.
  • Although WRDA 1992 Sec 225 uses the term "cooperative agreement", CCSCMAs are NOT cooperative agreements as that term is used in the 1977 Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act.
  • Not subject to Department of Defense Grant and Agreement Regulations
  • Not executed by a certified grants officer
  • Does not transfer a thing of value from the Corps to a non-Federal entity
  • There is no fixed rate of cost share. Percentages are determined by mutual agreement between the Corps and the partner(s).
  • The roles of each entity are flexible.
  • CCSCMAs may involve multiple non-Federal partners.

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