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Partnerships Policy & Procedures

Partnerships - Policy & Procedures

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    Engineer Pamphlets

    • EP 1130-2-429
      Volunteer Coordinator's Handbook

    • EP 1130-2-500, dated 27 December 1996 revised 1 June 2006
      Project Operations - Partners and Support (Work Management Guidance and Procedures)

    • EP 1130-2-550, dated 15 November 1996 revised 15 August 2002
      Projection Operations - Recreation Operations and Maintenance Guidance and Procedures
        This pamphlet establishes guidance for the management of recreation programs and activities, and for the operation and maintenance of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recreation facilities and related structures, at civil works water resource projects and supplements ER 1130-2-510, "Recreation Operations and Maintenance Policies."

    Engineer Regulations

    • ER 1130-2-500, dated 27 December 1996 revised 1 June 2006
      Project Operations - Partners and Support (Work Management Guidance and Policies)
        This regulation establishes the policy for the management of operation and maintenance activities of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) personnel performing civil works functions related to flood control, navigation, dredging, hydroelectric power generation, environmental stewardship, and recreation services at water resource, waterway, and other USACE projects.

    • ER 1130-2-550, dated 15 November 1996 revised 15 August 2002
      Project Operations - Recreation Operations and Maintenance Policies
        This regulation establishes the policy for the management of recreation programs and activities, and for the operation and maintenance of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recreation facilities and related structures, at civil works water resource projects.

    • ER 1140-1-211, dated 15 August 2011
      Support for Others - Non-DoD Reimbursable Services
        This regulation provides guidance on USACE performing reimbursable work for non-DOD Federal agencies, States, Commonwealths, Territories, and local governments of the United States.

    • ER 1140-3-1, dated 15 May 1992
      Support to Defense Departments and Agencies
        This regulation provides policy and guidance for USACE elements and commands performing reimbursable work for defense departments and agencies.

    • ER 37-1-30, dated 9/30/02
      Financial Administration - Accounting and Reporting
        This regulation establishes the framework for financial management within the Corps of Engineers. It supersedes ER 37-2-10 Chapter 4, Accounts Receivable and Collection Procedures, referenced in the Contributions, Fundraising, and Recognition Reference Guide of October 2008.

    • ER 405-1-12, dated 20 November 1985 revised 15 May 2000
      Real Estate Handbook
        This regulation establishes policy for the management and operation of real estate responsibilities on Military and Civil Works Projects.

    • ER 700-1-1, dated 2 October 2000
      Logistics - USACE Supply Policies and Procedures
        Prior coordination with Logistics Management should occur before contributed personal property is accepted. Personal property is property of any kind except lands and improvements that are permanently attached and ordinarily regarded as real estate. Recording, accounting, and management of property items will be in accordance with ER 700-1-1.

    Policy Letter

    • 04-01, dated 27 October 2004
      Volunteer Value of Service Hourly Rate
        This memorandum initiated the Corps using the Independent Sector's hourly rate to determine the value of volunteer service. Since 2005, the value of volunteer service is calculated automatically in OMBIL by entering the number of volunteer hours.

        For reference, the volunteer value of service hourly rates

        • FY 2018 - $24.69
        • FY 2017 - $24.14
        • FY 2016 - $23.56
        • FY 2015 - $23.07
        • FY 2014 - $22.55
        • FY 2013 - $22.14
        • FY 2012 - $21.79
        • FY 2011 - $21.36
        • FY 2010 - $20.85
        • FY 2009 - $20.25
        • FY 2008 - $19.51
        • FY 2007 - $18.77
        • FY 2006 - $18.04
        • FY 2005 - $17.55
        • FY 2004 - $17.19

    • Implementation Guidance, dated 12 August 2016, dated 11/2/11
        This memorandum provides implementation guidance for Section 1047(d) of WRRDA 2014. Section 1047(d), "Services of Volunteers," amended Chapter IV of title I of Public Law 98-63 (33 U.S.C § 569c) to expand the definition of "incidental expenses" to include expenses relating to uniforms, transportation, lodging, and the subsistence of volunteers. In addition to the WRRDA amendments, other changes in policy were made to update the ER/EP. This memorandum supersedes and replaces the ER and EP 1130-2-500 Chapter 10. No other chapters of ER & EP 1130-2-500 are affected by this policy memorandum and all other chapters remain in effect. These policy changes to the Volunteer Program are effective immediately and will be incorporated in the referenced ER and EP when they are revised.

    • Volunteer Bonding Policy Letter, dated 07 September 2016

    Public Laws (P.L.)

    • 33 USC 2339, WRDA 2000, Sec 213, Assistance Programs
      Authorizes the use of cooperative agreements to transfer funds to non-federal or nonprofit entities for services relating to natural resources conservation or recreation management both on and off Corps lands that involve programs fulfilling educational or training purposes.
    • Implementation Guidance Memo for WRRDA 2014 1047e, August 31, 2015
    • 33 USC 2328, WRDA 1992, Challenge Cost-Sharing Program for the Management of Recreational Facilities, Section 225, October 31, 1992

      Section 225 of this law authorized the Secretary of the Army to enter into cooperative agreements with non-Federal public and private entities to provide for operation and/or management and development of recreation facilities and natural resources at water resource development projects where such facilities are being maintained at full Federal expense.

      This also authorized the Secretary of the Army to accept contributions of funds, materials, and services from non-Federal public and private entities. If your cooperating association wants to contribute funds to the Corps, refer to the Contributions Program section of the Gateway.

    • WRRDA 2014, Sec 1031(b), Cooperative Agreements with Indian Tribes
      Authorizes the use of cooperative agreements to transfer funds to Indian Tribes or a designated representative of an Indian tribe to carry out authorized activities of the Corps of Engineers to protect fish, wildlife, water quality, and cultural resources.
    • Implementation Guidance Memo for WRRDA 2014 1031(b), August 3, 2016
    • 31 USC 1535, Economy Act

    • 41 USC 501, 95-224, Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act of 1977
      This act set forth requirements to use cooperative agreements and grants to transfer funds to non-Federal entities, but did not provide authority by itself to enter into an agreement.

    • 7 USC 2814, Federal Noxious Weed Act- Management of Undesirable Plants on Federal Lands
      Authorizes Federal agencies to complete and implement cooperative agreements with State agencies regarding the management of undesirable plant species on Federal lands under the agency's jurisdiction.

    • 16 USC 661, Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
      Authorizes the Department of Interior to provide assistance to and cooperate with Federal, State, and public or private agencies and organizations in the development, protection, rearing, and stocking of all species of wildlife and their habitat, in controlling losses from disease or other causes, in minimizing damages from overabundant species, in providing public shooting and fishing areas, including easements across public lands for access, and in carrying out other measures necessary. Also authorizes Interior to make surveys and investigations of wildlife of the public domain, including lands and waters controlled by any agency of the United States.

    • 16 USC 594, Protection of Timber Owned by the US from Fire, Disease, or Insect Ravage
      Authorizes the Department of Interior to protect and preserve timber owned by the United States upon public lands, national parks, national monuments, Indian reservation, or other lands under the jurisdiction of the DOI from fire, disease, beetles, or other insects. This can be done directly or in cooperation with other Federal Government departments, States, or other owners of timber.

    • 10 USC 2358, Research and Development Projects
      Authorized the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of a military department to engage in basic research, applied research, advanced research, and development projects.

    • 33 USC 569c, Public Law 98-63, Chapter IV of Title, Services of Volunteers
      33 USC 569c, further amended by WRRDA 2014 authorized: The United States Army Chief of Engineers may accept the services of volunteers and provide for their incidental expenses, including expenses relating to uniforms, transportation, lodging, and the subsistence of those volunteers, to carry out any activity of the Army Corps of Engineers except policy-making or law or regulatory enforcement. Such volunteers shall not be employees of the United States Government except for the purposes of (1) chapter 171 of title 28, relating to tort claims, and (2) chapter 81 of title 5, relating to compensation for work injuries.

    • 31 USC 6301-08, Using Procurement Contracts and Grant and Cooperative Agreements
      Amended the FGCAA of 1977

    • 33 USC 2325, WRDA 1992, Sec 203 , Voluntary Contributions for Environmental and Recreation Projects, October 31, 1992
      Voluntary Contributions for Environmental and Recreation Projects.
      (a) Acceptance.--In connection with carrying out a water resources project for environmental protection and restoration or a water resources project for recreation, the Secretary is authorized to accept contributions of cash, funds, materials, and services from persons, including governmental entities but excluding the project sponsor.

    • , WRDA 2016, Section 1155, Management of Recreation Facilities
      Authorizes the use of challenge cost-sharing cooperative management agreements with non- Federal public entities to collect and retain user fees for the use of developed recreation sites and facilities, whether developed or constructed by that entity or the Department of the Army, and reinvest collected fees at the site at which the fees are collected. Section 1155 further authorized participating public entities to use any visitor reservation service that the Secretary of the Army has provided for by contract or interagency agreement

    Executive Orders

    • E.O. 13352, Facilitation of Cooperative Conservation

    Policy Memos


    • 09/28/18 Natural Resources Management (NRM) Business Line Data Update - for FY17 Data Results, Operations and Maintenance Business Information Link (OMBIL)
      1. Beginning in Fiscal Year 2018, the NRM community (Recreation and Environmental Stewardship Business Lines) will be utilizing the NRM-Assessment Tool (formerly the Rec-Assessment Tool) to collect annual data that will then be uploaded into OMBIL. Several notices, webinars and coordination have occurred through the OMBIL users group and District POC's. This notice is to better inform management of the changes and improvements as we enter data results from FY17 into the new system.

      2. OMBIL will remain the primary database of record for all O&M business line data and, as such, it is imperative that the data be kept current. OMBIL data is used for many different purposes, including decisions concerning facility development, budget development and defense, tracking performance measures, preparation of briefings and fact sheets, asset management, etc. It is used to populate information on the Gateway and numerous other internal and external web sites. OMBIL will continue to serve as source for many other systems including CWIFD, EDW and VERS. Inaccurate and/or incomplete data not only reflects poorly on the Corps and renders a disservice to the public, but could also jeopardize the viability of our O&M missions and budget defense.

      3. This transition to a new platform is a gained efficiency for one-stop data entry rather than input into several systems as had been the standard in the past. The NRM-Assessment tool will serve as the data collection platform necessary to feed OMBIL the appropriate data. This process is more in line with other business lines that import data such as hydropower and navigation while allowing the NRM business line more flexibility and less OMBIL contractor work. Training through web meetings will be provided to the field on the data entry process as and will be announced through the OMBIL District POCs. The schedule for entering data by modules is as follows.

    • Recreation PSA Module
      Includes: PSA Information, Facilities and Fee Information
      PSA Module Currently Open and Close October 15

    • NRM Modules
      Includes: Interpretive Contacts, Special Events, Law Enforcement Contracts, and Annual Project Data
      Modules Open October 1 and Close October 31

    • Environmental Stewardship Modules
      Includes: Shoreline Management, Boundaries/Encroachments, Soils/Vegetation/Wetlands Classification, Pollinators, Fire Management, Invasive Species, Fish/Land Mitigation, and Master Plans
      Webinar Training  October 9- 12
      Modules Open October 15 and Close November 30

    • NRM Modules
      Webinar Training  TBD
      Module Opens November 15 and Closes December 31

      4. I'm requesting your continued leadership support to reinforce the importance of OMBIL data and to provide "quality assurance" on accurateness and completeness of the data.

      Thank you for all you efforts and if you have any questions please contact me.


      Jeffrey F. Krause
      Chief, Natural Resources Management

    • 09/13/18 Excellence in Partnerships and Volunteer Award Nomination Requests - Suspense 9 December 2018
      I'm pleased to request your nominations for an outstanding partner within your area of responsibility for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Excellence in Partnerships Award and outstanding volunteer(s) for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers National Volunteer Award. These awards, which are co-sponsored by the Corps Foundation, will be presented in the spring of 2019 at the award recipients' locations, in ceremonies that recognize their outstanding partnerships and service to the Corps.

      The Excellence in Partnerships Award began in 2001 and is now in its seventeenth year recognizing exceptional contributions by a partner providing substantial support to the Corps Recreation and/or Environmental Stewardship programs. Each year, the award recipient is selected based on accomplishment of management objectives, creativity, improvements in public awareness and education, serving diverse audiences, and involvement of other partners.

      The National Volunteer Award began in 2014, and was created to nationally recognize the extraordinary service provided by volunteers, draw attention to their vast skills and contributions, and encourage an attitude of stewardship and responsibility in caring for Corps lands, facilities, and resources. The intent of the award is to distinguish those individuals, couples/family units who give their skills, talents, and time beyond the normal call of duty and whose creditable service to the Corps has resulted in the significant enhancement to one or more of the Corps business lines.

      Nominations must be routed through each District to the MSC. Each MSC recreation/stewardship business line manager will electronically forward nomination packages assembled in accordance with the enclosed criteria and instructions to Mrs. Taylor Saia, CESPK-CO-N, no later than 09 December 2018. A selection committee will review the nominations and provide me with recommendations for final selection.

    • National Volunteer Award
    • Excellence in Partnerships Award

      More information about these awards can be found on the NRM Gateway at https://corpslakes.erd

      The POC for this activity is Mrs. Taylor Saia, SPD Partnership Advisory Committee member, who can be reached via e-mail at or phone at 209-772-1343.

      Please encourage your staff to nominate worthy partnership and volunteers. Their service is so very valuable to our NRM mission!

      Thank you,

      Jeffrey F. Krause
      Chief, Natural Resources Management

    • 09/07/18 2018 National Public Lands Day
      This is a reminder that National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is fast approaching with September 22, 2018 just a couple weeks away. If you have not registered, please visit the registration site to register your events. The site includes upgrades to make it easier for volunteers and event managers.

      - Register your NPLD event at:

      NEEF also offers a wide variety of tools to assist you with planning your projects NPLD event.

      - Visit the site and try out the new Event Search Map, which includes a nationwide map of sites. This tool allows you to search by zip code, state, proximity to state/zip, key word, start/end dates and event types (Ed/Training, Grant Event, NPLD Event, Trainer Event) increasing usability to help attract more volunteers.

      - New Event Manager Manual is now available for all your need-to-know details for planning a NPLD event at: manual

      -Want more exposure for your NPLD event? Nominate your event to be a 2018 NPLD Highlighted Site! Potential nominees must have alignment with at least one of NEEF's core programmatic areas. These areas include health and wellness, environmental education, outdoor recreation, or the 50th anniversary of Rivers and Trails. To be considered, a site/ event must be registered for NPLD, as well as engage diverse volunteers/ participants from various sectors including youth, families, students, professionals, veterans, and seniors.

      - Grant opportunities are available to nonprofit partners of the Corps: NEEF offers a variety of grants and awards designed to support restoration and resilience projects, health and wellness activities, and environmental education events.

      -Agents of Discovery Missions for NPLD: We have the opportunity to participate in a 1-month free trial at 10 Corps sites to promote National Public Lands Day to youth and families during the month of September. Please see the attached information sheet if your lake would like to participate. For more info about Agents of Discovery, visit

      Each the Corps of Engineers and NEEF have partnered together to make NPLD events at our projects more successful. In 2017 more than 13,000 volunteers served 47,000 hours on Corps lands, removing 152,000 pounds of trash, cleaning 1,400 miles of roadways and shoreline, improving 360 acres of habitat, and engaging 303 partner organizations. Let us continue that success in 2018, and if you haven't registered your event yet, I strongly encourage you to do so.

      Eric Schreckengost will be the Corps of Engineers' POC for this year's event. Please feel free to him with questions. Eric will be on the CAP detail in HQUSACE from now through December and can be reached at 202-761-4558 or by email at

      Thank you for your continued efforts for this special day and good luck with your events.

      Jeffrey F. Krause
      Chief, Natural Resources Management

    • 06/18/18 USACE MOU with Friends of the Wild Whoopers
      Operations Chiefs - Mr. Dalton, Director of Civil Works, recently signed a Corps wide Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Friends of the Wild Whoopers to help creatively and sustainably protect, restore and enhance whooping crane habitat. Because of historical habitat loss and unregulated hunting, whooping cranes are now one of the most endangered species in North America. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operates 101 water resource projects in NWD, MVD, and SWD within the migration range of the Arkansas
    • Wood Buffalo population of whooping cranes. This group of whooping cranes is the only self- sustaining, wild, migratory population in the United States and our projects contain crucial stopover habitat for the birds to refuel during their migration.

      This national MOU will further facilitate the Friends of the Wild Whoopers assessment of whooping crane habitat at our projects. This agreement is necessary due to the size of the current range of whooping cranes in NWD, MVD, and SWD as well as the historic range which also included projects in LRD and SAD. Projects in this range can receive excellent benefits from this agreement, such as:

    • Free habitat assessments
    • Reports of available and potential whooping crane habitat improvement projects
    • Staff education on the cranes and conservation efforts for this species
    • Proactive conservation that promotes USACE as a leader in conserving our nation's precious natural resources.

      The signed MOU is attached to this message and also available on the NRM Gateway Partnerships page under national partnerships listing https://corpslakes.erdc.dr Please copy and paste into your internet browser if an error occurs.

      For any questions, please contact Mr. Jeremy, Crossland, Program Manager for Land Use and Natural Resources,(202) 761-4259 /


      Thomas P. Smith, P.E., SES
      Chief, Operations and Regulatory Division

    • 05/15/18 2018 American Recreation Coalition's Legends Award - Ms. Samantha Gray (NAE)
      Please join me in congratulating Ms. Samantha Gray, Lead Interpretive Ranger at the Cape Cod Canal, New England District for her selection as the recipient of the 2018 American Recreation Coalition's Legends Award. Over the past 21 years, Ms. Gray has been a leader in the promotion of recreational and educational opportunities at the Cape Cod Canal. Since the opening of the Canal Visitor Center in 2001, Samantha has been the force behind its transformation, making it the focal point of the Canal's interpretive mission, and a centerpiece of the New England District's Natural Resources Program.

      The Legend Award winners from each agency will be honored at a ceremony during the American Recreation Coalition's Partners Outdoors annual conference to be held 31 May 2018 in Washington, D.C. Ms. Gray's accomplishments and efforts bring positive recognition to the Corps of Engineers and our partners.

      Please see the attached memo and distribute to others that may not see it. We are proud to support this award each year and proud of Sam's accomplishments and recognition!


      Jeff Krause
      Chief, Natural Resources Management

    • 05/10/18 National Press Release - Kids to Parks Day to-parks-day-saturday-may-19-2018-a-national-celebration-of-parks- 300645450.html?tc=eml_cleartime

    • 05/09/18 FYI - MAY 19, 2018: Kids to Parks Day
      We are just 2 weeks away from Kids to Parks Day! Since the last email, a Senate resolution passed (with unanimous consent) designating May 19 as National Kids to Parks Day, with proclamations from 385 cities from all 50 states, and 511 events registered! And with your help sharing the good news, those numbers will increase significantly as we approach the 19th.

      There is still time to add an event. A big thanks to the six Corps sites that are already participating. Remember if you have a Jr. Ranger Program, you can promote that via this event. If you are thinking about hosting an event, visit: events/community/add to share that information.

      Here are some sample social media posts you can use:

      Facebook & Instagram

    • We are participating in @NationalParkTrust #KidstoParks Day on May 19 with [your event] come join us!
    • On Saturday, May 19th we will host [event name] as part of @NationalParkTrust #KidstoParksDay, join s as we celebrate this national day of outdoor play!
    • We support getting kids outside and active so we are happy to participate in @NationalParkTrust #KidstoParks Day on Saturday, May 19. Find a FREE event near you!


    • We are participating in @NatParkTrust #KidstoParks Day on May 19 with [your event] come join us!
    • KidstoParks Day is Sat. May 19. Celebrate spring in a park with us and @NatParkTrust! [link to event]
    • Do you believe that kids need parks, and parks need kids? We do! Participate in @NatParkTrust #KidstoParks Day by finding your closest FREE park event! BlockedBlocked

      Hashtags to use #KidstoParks #BuddyBison #OptOutside #EscapetheIndoors

      This years' goal is to get more than 1 million kids outdoors enjoying our parks and public lands and waters on May 19th!

    • 03/08/18 2018 Legends & Beacons Award Nominations - Suspense: 16 April 2018
      Please use this excellent opportunity to recognize our top leaders in recreation management, and the innovative use of technology to enhance visitor services.

      1. The American Recreation Coalition wishes to honor an outstanding U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employee with the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) Legends Award. This award is presented annually to recognize an outstanding individual for his/her significant contributions to the enhancement of outdoor recreation resources, facilities and experiences on the nation's public lands.

      2. The ARC also wishes to recognize the innovative use of technology to enhance visitor services and improve the management of recreation programs with the ARC Beacon Award. Each recreation-related federal agency is asked to nominate outstanding initiatives where technologies have provided improved, cost-effective solutions for recreation programs.

      3. A special panel from the ARC will make the final selection of the Legends and Beacon Awards. Award winners will be recognized at a special ceremony in Washington, D.C. during the Partners Outdoors Conference (30 and 31 May, 2018). Salary, travel and per diem costs to attend the ceremony and conference are the responsibility of the home project or district. Conference approvals for attendees must be coordinated through the awardee's District and Division Commanders in accordance with USACE Conference Policy dated 22 December 2016.

      4. Nominations will be evaluated based on the attached selection criteria (Enclosures 1 and 3). Please submit nominations through your Division office (one nomination per Major Subordinate Command may be forwarded to HQUSACE for each award) not later than 16 April 2018. The Legends Award nomination package should describe the significant personal contributions the nominee has made enabling others to enjoy quality recreational experiences in our great outdoors, and the Beacon Award nomination should describe the innovative use of technology in visitor services and/or recreation management. 5. Major Subordinate Commands should forward their nominations along with supporting documentation as described in Enclosures 2 and 4, to Ms. Heather Burke, National Senior Policy Advisor for Partnerships. She is my point of contact and may be reached at (503) 808-4313.

      6. Nomination packages of past winners are posted on the Natural Resources Management Gateway and provide good examples of the quality of work and achievements recognized since the development of this award program.


      Scott Strotman
      Acting Chief, Natural Resources Management Branch

    • 03/05/18 Awardees for the 2017 Excellence in Partnership Award and the National Volunteer Award
      The attached memos announce the selection of the awardees for the 2017 Excellence in Partnership Award and the National Volunteer Award. The National Excellence in Partnerships and National Volunteer awards are co-sponsored by the Corps Foundation. They will be presented to each of the recipients in late spring or early summer of 2018.

      Excellence in Partnerships Award: The Friends of Recreation and Environmental Stewardship (FOREST) Council, Mark Twain Lake (MVS), has been selected as the USACE recipient of the 2017 National Excellence in Partnerships Award for their efforts in supporting the environmental stewardship and recreation missions at Mark Twain Lake. The FOREST Council has developed facilities that are a desired educational resource for regional schools, youth groups and wildlife management organizations further enhancing the partnerships at Mark Twain Lake. The Council has assisted in the development of the Northeast Missouri Environmental Stewardship Demonstration Area, the Joanna Trail restrooms, the Frank Russell Pond Pavilion, the Frank Russell Equestrian and Outdoor Adventure Campground, the Frank Russell Pond Barrier Free Access and Fishing Facilities, and the Mark Twain Archery Park.

      National Volunteer Award: Will and Judy Carter (MVR) have been selected as USACE recipients of the 2017 National Volunteer Award for 12 years of dedication to the natural resource program at Saylorville Lake. Together, they have donated over 9,250 hours of volunteer service. Mr. and Mrs. Carter's efforts in prairie and pollinator habitat enhancement, tree planting, and public education have been instrumental to the enhancement of habitats, improving the visitor experience, and strengthening public outreach at Saylorville Lake.

      Thanks for the incredible things our partners and volunteers continue to do for this Nation each and every day!

      Best Regards,

      Scott Strotman Acting Chief, Natural Resources Management Branch

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