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MVS: Lake Shelbyville Mountain Bike Trail Improvements

Public Meeting for Bike Trail – Area bicycling enthusiasts meet at the Lake Shelbyville Visitor Center to discuss plans for the trail.
Rider on Camp Camfield Multi-purpose Trail – A member of CIMBA enjoys the new trail.

Lake: Lake Shelbyville, IL

Partners: USACE; Central Illinois Mountain Bicycling Association

Partnership Type: Challenge Partnership Agreement

Corps POC: Andrea L. Lewis, Operations Manager, Lake Shelbyville

Story: In April 2001 the first agreement was signed for the Central Illinois Mountain Bicycling Association (CIMBA) and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers to partner in the redesign of an existing foot trail to a multi-purpose trail suitable for mountain biking. The CIMBA group agreed to reroute the trail, take out six bridges and steps to make the trail accessible to bike use, and to design the trail so that minimal maintenance is required. The partner’s share of the costs was $9,000 including labor, which amounted to 78 percent of the total cost for the trail. The Lake Shelbyville Master Plan Update is nearing completion and the General Dacey Trail, a 170-mile-long multi-purpose trail, is expected to be approved in the plan. Once this is approved, CIMBA will play an active role in the building of the trail. The value that a trail like this can add to an area is significant.

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