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MVS: Lake Shelbyville and US Coast Guard Auxiliary Water Safety Partnership

Local Coast Guard Auxiliary assists in boating safety class for young boaters at Lake Shelbyville.
Coast Guard Auxiliary Helps Stranded Boater – This is just one of the many services provided to ensure a safe day on the lake.

Lake: Lake Shelbyville, IL

Partners: USACE; Coast Guard Auxiliary

Partnership Type: MOU

Story: Lake Shelbyville has more than 11,000 surface acres of water but only limited resources for patrol duties and assisting the public. The Coast Guard Auxiliary has been a partner at Lake Shelbyville for several years, providing cooperative support through boat patrol and educational sessions. Their efforts include water patrol to assist stranded boaters; monitoring radio channels to coordinate assistance; assisting with boat patrol for special events and homeland security issues; Assisting the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and conducting courtesy boat safety checks. They also have provided educational exhibits for special events and last year helped conduct two boating safety courses. These efforts continue to make the lake a safer place for family recreation. The Corps of Engineers at Lake Shelbyville is currently working with the Coast Guard Auxiliary to have a local MOU through the national agreement.

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