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NRM Gateway Initiative Field Review Group Banner

Field Review Group

  • Initial Appointment of Field Review Group
  • Appointment of Lead FRG
  • Field Reviewers List


  • Costs: Each FRG member's district is responsible for labor costs incurred for this initiative. No TDY requirements are anticipated.

  • Equipment & software requirements: Each FRG member's district shall provide access to a PC typical of that used by NRM employees in the district represented, with Corps standard software and Internet access. This does NOT have to be a dedicated machine, as the NRM Gateway is to be designed for accessibility from any standard NRM PC.

  • IM Support: If problems are experienced accessing the site, or if software (i.e., Adobe Reader) upgrades seem necessary to view content, each FRG member shall coordinate first with their local IM representative to resolve the issue. If the problem cannot be solved locally, contact the NRM Gateway Webmaster Ginny Dickerson.

  • Estimate of Time involved:
    • 2-hours: Make an initial review to get familiar with the overall website.
    • 2-hours/quarter: Thoroughly review specific pages after notification that the web developer has posted materials from content development workshops or added new features. Submit comments to the Lead FRG.
    • 2-hours/quarter: If designated as a reviewer for specialized content, additional time may be required to review and comment when notified that such content has been posted.

  • Length of Commitment:
    • Minimum of 1-year. Indefinite tenure.
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