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Visitor Assistance Program Training Banner

PROSPECT Visitor Assistance Instructors

    Instructor Office Subject Area
    Heath Kruger CENWO-OD-TN History and Development, Mission and Organization, Policy, Title 36, Title 18, Demographics, Enforcement, Park Ranger Image, Uniforms, Citation/Warning Writing
    Jonathan Carlisle (lead) CENWK-OD-TR
    Mark Klimaszewski CELRL-PMC-WPPM
    Tim Rainey CESAM-OP-SL
    Randall Merchant CESWF-OC Magistrate’s Court, Authority and Jurisdiction, Torts, Legal Constraints
    Beth Pitrolo CESPA-OC
    Rich Roberts CECO-P Security and Law Enforcement, Serious Incident Reporting, Suspicious Activity Reporting
    Adam Tarplee CESWF-OD Tactical Communications/Verbal Judo, Pepper Spray, Personal Protection, Defensive Tactics, Situational Awareness
    Chris Arthur CESAM-OP-SL
    Jill Russi CESPK-CO-OR
    Tami Schroeder CENWP-OD-V
    Shane Peltes CEMVS-OD-A
    Steve Austin (Course Proponent) CEMCW-CO-N Headquarters Update
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