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Visitor Assistance Program At a Glance Banner

At a Glance

    This Website is designed to provide a clear overview of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Visitor Assistance Program, including:
    • The philosophy of the Visitor Assistance Program and why it is more than just a citation program.
    • The history and development of the Corps of Engineers mission in Recreation and Natural Resource Management.
    • The development of guidance, regulations and policies governing the program and where to find that information.

    The user may also find valuable information relating to:

    • The Role of the Park Ranger in the Visitor Assistance Program.
    • The results of the Park Ranger/Visitor Safety Study of 1995 and changes to the program that resulted from it.
    • Descriptions of required and related training courses available and schedules of upcoming classes.
    • A listing of Program POC's at the District and MSC level nationwide.
    • A reporting of News and Current Issues of importance to Park Rangers and Resource Managers.
    • A file of ideas or approaches to carrying out visitor assistance activities deemed Good Enough to Share, including programs for tracking citations and warnings, approved curricula for required refresher training, and lists of equipment for vehicles and vessels.
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  • CWBI-Ops Citation Module
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  • Webinar - Park Ranger Safety During the Current Operational Environment