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Visitor Assistance Policy & Procedures

Policy & Procedures

    Engineer Pamphlets

    • EP 1130-2-550, dated 15 November 1996 revised 15 August 2002
      Projection Operations - Recreation Operations and Maintenance Guidance and Procedures

    • EP 1165-2-316 (Title 36)
      Rules and Regulations Governing Public Use of Corps of Engineers Water Resource Development Projects
        This pamphlet governs the public use of water resources development projects administered by the Chief of Engineers

    Engineer Regulations

    • ER 1130-2-550, dated 15 November 1996 revised 15 August 2002
      Project Operations - Recreation Operations and Maintenance Policies
        This regulation establishes the policy for the management of recreation programs and activities, and for the operation and maintenance of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recreation facilities and related structures, at civil works water resource projects.

    Policy Letter

    • 96-01, dated 10 May 1996
      Visitor/Ranger Safety

    • 97-02
      Preventive Vaccinations for Blood-borne Pathogens

    Public Law Regulation

    • , Flood Control Act, 234

    Policy Memos


    • 02/23/24 Corps Watch 2024
      The Corps Watch program is undergoing a transition to local-based reporting. Effective immediately, the national hotline is longer be available. Visitors are encouraged to report issues locally. Since 2008 when it was first established, the national hotline provided a standardized resource for public criminal activity reporting. As access to cellular telephones and smartphone technology increased the usefulness of the centralized national hotline decreased resulting in few actionable reports from across the agency. Visitors are still encouraged to report any suspicious activity or vandalism to local law enforcement and local USACE project office to help expedite sharing of timely information.

      New poster available via Visitors Assistance page above.

    Other Policy

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