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Headquarters POC

Throughout the last seventeen years, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Program has been modernizing and standardizing data and information related to their business processes. During recent years, changes to the program combined Operations and Maintenance Business Information Link (OMBIL) and Corps Map applications into a consolidated AIS as the Civil Works Business Intelligence (CWBI) -

Civil Works Business Intelligence (CWBI) is the primary U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Automated Information System (AIS) responsible for acquisition, management, integration, visualization, and analysis of all operational data in support of the Civil Works (CW) mission.

CWBI serves the entire USACE organization as means of inputting, accessing data and information related to O&M budgets, expenditures, activities, and performance. The CWBI-OPS Program targets monthly system operations and maintenance, user registration, user support and help activities for the modules that were previously maintained within the Legacy OMBIL data entry and reporting system, which is now modernized and standardized as the CWBI-OPS Program.

For access to the modules for data entry listed below, please reach out to your District POCs for each program.


Project Site Acreage Correction Form

Historical data entry can be found in the NRM Assessment Tool