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Environmental Stewardship Module

    Modules CWBI Opens 15 September closes 31 October

    Field data entry - 15 September to 20 October. District Review - 15 September to 31 October.

    • ES Module Kick-off Webinar
    • Boundaries/Encroachments
    • Cultural Resources
    • Fire Management
    • Invasive Species
    • Land Classification
    • Master Plans
    • Pollinators
    • Shoreline Management
    • Special Status Species
    • Vegetation Classification

    Project Site Acreage Correction Form
    Project site statistical information including acreage and miles have been reported on a national basis since 1984 when reported in the Natural Resource Management System (NRMS) database. This information should not change unless an error was identified or on the ground surveys were completed and recorded in Real Estate Division records. For project site acreage corrections, please complete the form including all signatures from the business line managers and District Real Estate chief or representative. The Division BLMs will then send to HQ for review, approval, and provide instructions to the NRM Users Group on processing the request. Include a justification for the change. Real Estate Division is the database of record for project fee owned lands/water and therefore must support the correction.

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