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Uniform Program Committee Program Summary Banner

Program Summary

    The Corps of Engineers' (COE) uniform program was authorized by Public Law 89-504, Section 407, in 1973. The need arose from the COE's large civil works and flood control responsibilities related to recreation, visitor assistance, and associated activities. This law stated that a standard uniform would be worn by personnel performing functions under the Natural Resources Management Program. It also established guidance and funding for the program. Engineer Regulation 1130-2-550, Uniforms for Natural Resources Management Program Staff, Chapter 8 dated 1 March 2002 defines the law and establishes a uniform policy, specifies who is required to wear the uniform, identifies what class of uniform each individual will wear, establishes an initial uniform allowance and subsequent replacement allowance, provides for a source of uniform supply and procurement, and details how the program will be administered by a National Uniform Committee.  Engineer Pamphlet 1130-2-550, Uniforms for Natural Resources Management Staff, Chapter 8, dated 1 March 2002 further defines the engineer regulation and establishes compliance standards regarding how the uniform should be worn as well as specifies uniform wear requirements.
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