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National Uniform Program Policy & Procedures

Policy & Procedures

    Engineer Pamphlets

    • EP 1130-2-550, dated 15 November 1996 revised 15 August 2002
      Projection Operations - Recreation Operations and Maintenance Guidance and Procedures
        This pamphlet establishes guidance for the management of recreation programs and activities, and for the operation and maintenance of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recreation facilities and related structures, at civil works water resource projects and supplements ER 1130-2-510, "Recreation Operations and Maintenance Policies."
      • Chapter 8, Uniforms for Natural Resource Management Program Staff

    Engineer Regulations

    • ER 1130-2-550, dated 15 November 1996 revised 15 August 2002
      Project Operations - Recreation Operations and Maintenance Policies
        This regulation establishes the policy for the management of recreation programs and activities, and for the operation and maintenance of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recreation facilities and related structures, at civil works water resource projects.
      • Chapter 8, Uniforms for Natural Resource Management Program Staff


    • 09/09/21 Uniform Website is OPEN again for end of year ordering until 24 September 2021
      After many communications with the NPS and the uniform contractor, we have re- opened the FY21 uniform website for orders through 1800 EST on 24 September. Orders can be placed at

      I apologize for the recent suspension as we work to adjust to higher costs and increased annual allowances within the current budgetary constraints. Please remember to keep orders to items needed for replacement or new requirements as the same funding is utilized for many national programs such as challenge partnerships, volunteer support, water safety support and products, gateway and environmental compliance training. With a significant reduction in this account line item, we are working to be able to continue all the national support within the constraints.

      We are already working with National Park Service on FY22 uniform ordering and hopeful to have an ordering date much earlier than years past.

      If you have any questions please contact myself or Jordon Griffin at 816-389- 3894. Heath Kruger, ,the HQ proponent for uniforms is on leave this week but will return the week of 13 September should you need his assistance.

      Jeffrey F. Krause
      Chief, Natural Resources Management

    • 08/17/21 FY21 USACE Uniform Purchase Suspension
      I apologize for continuing challenges with the uniform program but as of today the purchase of uniforms for USACE employees will be suspended. We just recently received notice that uniform orders will exceed contract funding as orders far exceeded earlier projections provided by the uniform contractor.

      The ordering deadline was originally set to expire on 24-September, ending the uniform purchases approximately a month before the deadline. We are continuing to work with National Park Service and the Uniform Contractor to explore all options to resume service for FY21 but until that time new uniform purchases will be suspended. At this time the uniform ordering website, will no longer process orders.

      We will continue to work through all possible solutions to resolve this issue but if this is not able to be resolved by the 24-September deadline, we will work with the uniform contractor on options to credit uniform users balances to their FY 22 allowance.

      I will keep you updated on any progress on this issue and the FY22 ordering process.

      Jeffrey F. Krause
      Chief, Natural Resources Management

    • 08/04/21 FY21 NRM Uniform Program Ordering Deadlines
      We are in the process of closing-out the fourth year of the multi-agency uniform program contract and are issuing the following deadline dates for all FY21 uniform orders.

      6 August 2021: Last day that made-to-measure and non-standard- sized items can be ordered. (Non-standard items are those outside the sizing charts in the catalog or on the contractor's website).

      10 September 2021: Last day that any individual uniform allowance account information can be created or modified for FY21. The individual allowance account database will not be available after 6:00 p.m. EST on this date. This date has been designated to ensure enough time is allotted for account reconciliation for FY21. Please contact your Division Uniform Program Committee Representative prior to this date if any changes or additions are necessary (committee representatives are listed below).

      11 September2021 (or your district's credit cut-off purchase date whichever comes first): Last day special ordering items (i.e., volunteer items, hat rings, etc.) can be ordered.

      24 September 2021: Last day that standard-sized uniform items can be ordered. The contractor's website will not accept any orders after 6:00 p.m. EST on this date.

      1 October 2021: First day when administrative functions to allow individual uniform allowance account maintenance for FY22 will become available.

      Please note that the opening of VF Imagewear's FY22 uniform ordering site is dependent upon the National Park Service Contracting Officer receiving and accepting FY22 USACE funding and forwarding the USACE delivery order to the contractor. This can be a lengthy process; however, we anticipate opening the FY22 ordering site in a timelier manner than in FY21.


      • To reduce lengthy backorders, please place all FY21 uniform orders ASAP.
      • Add the "COE" prefix to your login account number.
      • Use the link: to place your order.
      • If you have questions concerning your account or if you are having difficulty logging into the ordering site, please notify your District Uniform Coordinator or Division Uniform Program Committee Representative.
      • If you are having difficulty with your order or uniform items, please contact VF Imagewear customer service at 1-800-545-6591.
      • Please note that additional new and/or replacement uniform items will continue to be introduced into the program in FY22.

      Delayed Orders. We have been in contact with the Contracting Officer and VF regarding lengthy delays in receiving uniform orders. This is an ongoing issue for all the agencies under the uniform contract. The supply chains and VF's own warehouses have been heavily impacted by COVID19 epidemic. If a VF employee tests positive, the entire warehouse must shut down for several days to perform a deep cleaning per their internal policy. VF's supply chains have also been heavily impacted with warehouses being periodically closed during the epidemic. This will likely be an ongoing scenario for a while, but we will continue to address the issues to try and reduce impacts.

      New Items/Park Ranger Survey. We would like to hear your input regarding the new items and encourage everyone to complete the 2021 Park Ranger Safety Survey currently open until 15 September. A question regarding the uniform program is at the end of the survey. Please give us your comments on the new items or anything else regarding the uniform program. The survey takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete and is available at: https://cfapps.m

      Through the help and direct assistance from the Division Uniform Program Committee Representatives, District Uniform Coordinators, and VF Imagewear, we're continuing to make improvements under the 4th year of the uniform contract. If there are any lingering individual account issues, please try and resolve these problems AND place your orders as soon as possible.

      Division Uniform Program Committee Representatives:

      • Amanda L. Palmer, SWD
      • Consuela (Connie) Gunter, SAD
      • Scott Graham, NAD
      • Holly L. Myers, LRD
      • Dawn M. Kovarik, MVD
      • Michele Fromdahl, NWD
      • Jill Davis, POD
      • Carrie Richardson, SPD
      • Sara Jernigan, Committee Chair

      Thanks for all you do each and every day.

      Heath Kruger, Natural Resources Manager
      Senior Policy Advisor for Park Ranger Activities

    • 05/19/21 Natural Resources Management Uniform Program Now Open
      I know many of you have heard the good news this morning that our FY21 Uniform Program is now open. Yes, uniforms can now be ordered. As always, we encourage new employees without uniforms to order first, but this is not a requirement - realizing we have many existing rangers in need of replacement items. I appreciate the hard work from everyone involved in getting us to the finish line – even though it was another marathon. We apologize for the lengthy delay and are taking steps to try and reduce the time lag next year.

      Thank you all for everything you do day-in-and-day out - being the Corps "Face to the Nation’" and enjoy the big recreation season coming up! Stephen Austin, Natural Resources Manager
      Senior Policy Advisor for Park Ranger Activities

    • 03/05/21 Natural Resources Management Uniform Program Update
      I know it’s been the time of the season when many of you have been asking "when can I order my uniforms?" We’ve been working with the National Park Service Contracting Officer, who administers the multi-agency uniform contract, to take all necessary steps to allow the program to open. We provided our program funding document (MIPR) to NPS late last year along with the applicable Interagency Agreement forms and documentation. NPS told me yesterday that progress is being made with the action now at their Accounting Center for subsequent approval by the Comptroller General – there are a number of steps in this process. Just as I said last year, I know this sounds like the same old song-and-dance from prior years – and it is ... trying hard to get the FY21 program opened as soon as possible.

      Now would be a good time to contact your district uniform coordinator/POC to ensure all accounts are properly set up, especially for new employees that have been hired during the off season.

      As we’ve mentioned in previous communications, many will see an increase in their replacement allowances, as well as an increase to the initial allowance for new hires. VF Imagewear, the interagency uniform contractor, is modifying everyone’s account to reflect these changes which you will see upon the opening of the ordering site. The new allowances are listed below.

      We introduced many new products last year and are pleased to see an overall positive response to the items as reflected in last year’s Park Ranger Safety Survey (59% favored the new items over the existing items, 24% didn’t, 17% were neutral). The uniform committee is addressing all the comments and will work with VF and the other agencies to make further improvements to the products. Some individuals commented on having insufficient funds (an allowance increase is now coming), difficulty in navigating/ordering new items on the site (resolved by VF), and lengthy delays in receiving uniform orders. Please note that the COVID-19 pandemic hit the apparel industry hard last year, causing VF’s sub-contractors to reduce or stop delivery of products and raw material for long periods of time. VF’s own distribution plant operated at reduced capacity due to state and local health orders and had to be shut down and completely cleaned each time an employee tested positive for the virus.

      We are also pleased to announce that the following new items will be available upon the opening of the ordering site: Grey Polo Shirt (lighter-cooler), Smart Wool Socks (warm and comfortable), and Maternity Shirts/Trousers (better fit-style). Other new items scheduled to be available later in the year include: Duty Flex Shorts (longer inseam), and red long-sleeved volunteer polo shirt.

      As always, I appreciate our uniform committee (listed below), district uniform coordinators, VF Imagewear, and the other agencies in working together to provide the best products possible - balancing comfort, durability, appearance, function and cost with the ever increasing challenge of finding domestic products and products from approved compliant countries as required under the contract and by Federal law.

      New Single-Season TemporaryDaily or Intermittent $400.00/NA
      New Multi-Season TemporaryDaily or Intermittent $500.00/NA
      Returning TemporaryDaily of Intermittent $300.00/NA
      Maternity Permanent or TemporaryDaily or Intermittent $400.00/NA

      NRM National Uniform Committee:

    • Chair - Sara G. Jernigan
    • LRD Rep - Holly L. Myers
    • MVD Rep – Dawn M. Kovarik
    • NAD Rep – Scott T. Graham
    • NWD/POD Rep – Michele L. Fromdahl
    • SAD Rep – Connie A. Gunter
    • SPD Rep – Carrie A. Richardson
    • SWD Rep – Amanda L. Palmer
    • Stephen Austin, Natural Resources Manager
      Senior Policy Advisor for Park Ranger Activities

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