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Uniform Program Committee At a Glance Banner

At a Glance

    This Website provides an overview of the Corps of Engineers' Uniform Program and includes:

  • A summary of the Uniform Program to include its authorization, development of regulatory policy and guidance, and implementation.

  • A Headquarters' Perspective statement emphasizing the recently implemented changes to the program to include the automated procurement program and improvements in available uniform items and accessories.

  • A listing of the members that comprise the National Uniform Committee as well as the Division and District Uniform Coordinators.

  • A reporting of News and Current Issues of importance to Uniform Program team members.

  • A site linking uniform wearers to the Website of VF Solutions, the COE's uniform contractor, and includes other sites of interest that relate to uniform procurement and wear.

  • A site that provides information and ideas on the care and maintenance of the Class B, C and D uniforms.

  • A site permitting the user to ask questions and receive feedback on matters that pertain to administration, quality control and customer satisfaction issues regarding the Uniform Program.
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  • Policy & Procedures
  • Glossary
  • Program Summary
  • FAQs
  • Committee Members
  • Good Enough to Share
  • Feedback
  • Related Sites
  • How to Order Uniforms
  • Division & District POCs