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    Class A Dress Uniform - This uniform consisting of shirt, tie, slacks, belt, blazer, and overcoat is no longer authorized. It was eliminated by Memorandum, Subject: Class A Natural Resources Management Uniform, dated 7 April 2000.

    Class B Duty Uniform - This is the Duty uniform. There are three sub-classes of the Class B uniform for Daily Wear, Formal, and Ceremonies & Court situations. (See separate glossary terms.)

      Daily Wear Uniform - The Class B uniform is considered the daily wear uniform. The tie is optional. See EP 1130-2-550, Chapter 8, Table 1a.

      Formal Wear Uniform - The Class B uniform to be worn in formal situations such as outlined in EP 1130-2-550, Chapter 8, Paragraph 8-3.b and Table 1b. When wearing the long-sleeved shirt, a tie is required.

      Ceremonies and Court Uniform - The Class B uniform is to be worn while in court or ceremonial situations. The duty jacket and tie are required in these situations. See EP 1130-2-550, Chapter 8, Table 1c.

    Class C Work Uniform - This uniform is to be worn only during special work situations. It is not for daily wear.

    Class D Special Use Uniform - This is the Special Duty uniform, worn only for boat patrol, bike patrol, beach patrol, or beach interpretive programs.

    UAA - (Uniform Allowance Authorization) This form must be created for all new employees in order to establish a uniform account. Created at either the project or district level, it is sent electronically to a specific Website managed by the National Park Service (see Multi-Agency Uniform Contract).

    Multi-Agency Uniform Contract - The Corps of Engineers (COE), the National Park Service (NPS,) and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) have jointly advertised a contract for uniforms. NPS administers the contract through the Contracting Officer and the UAA Website functions. Each of the three agencies has a Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) for the contract.

      Uniform Contractor's Web Site - ( Use this site to order uniform items. Using the information transmitted from the UAA Website, the contractor creates an account and a password, then mails this information to the employee. With this information, the employee can access the Uniform Contractor's Website and order the items on line.

    NRM Uniform Program - This program provides uniforms for Park Rangers, Managers, and other NRM specialists as established in ER 1130-2-550, Chapter 8. Care should be taken not to confuse the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Uniform Program with the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Maintenance Uniform Program.

    NRM Maintenance Uniform Program - The NRM Maintenance Uniform Program provides uniforms for maintenance personnel at lake projects. They are not for park rangers. (See ER 1130-2-550, Chapter 14.)

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