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Motorboat Licensing Training Banner


  • Motorboat Refresher Training Course Manual

  • PROSPECT Course #172 Boat Operator License Examiner
      Lectures, demonstrations, group assignments, and practical exercises cover the areas listed below and enable students to perform duties as outlined in Engineer Regulation 385-1-91 and be in compliance with EM 385-1-1 Safety and Health Requirements Manual. Specific areas to be covered include (a) USACE Boat Licensing Policy: (b) equipment requirements and equipment maintenance: (c) boat orientation and boat maintenance: (1) getting underway (2) checking equipment (3) starting procedures and (4) refueling procedures: (d) trailers and trailer maintenance (e) marlinspike seamanship (f) aids to navigation (g) rules of the road (h) fire suppression (i) course familiarization (j) emergency procedures: (1) rescue sequence (2) self rescue techniques (3) man overboard rescues: (k) boat operation: (l) practical course maneuvering exercises: (1) serpentine course (2) transition serpentine (3) avoidance course (4) docking (5) trailering (6) launching and retrieving (7) alongside maneuvering (8) towing and (9) anchoring procedures

      Individuals attending this course must:

      • show proof of completion of a U.S. Coast Guard or National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) training course for the state in which they are operating
      • be currently licensed as Corps of Engineers Class A and Class I boat operators
      • be able to swim in a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for 100 yards
      • be an experienced motor boat operator
      • been designated to train local motor boat operators in boating skills.

      Classes are held each year at Belton Lake, Fort Worth District. Check the Purple Book for dates.

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