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Motorboat Licensing Policy & Procedures

Policy & Procedures

    Engineer Manuals

    • EM 385-1-1, dated 30 November 2014
      Safety and Health Requirements
        Although this is a manual and not an ER, the contents are applicable to all missions under the command of the Chief of Engineers, whether accomplished by military, civilian, or contractor forces. In relation to hazardous materials, it regulates storage and handling practices.

        The provisions of this manual implement safety and health standards and requirements contained in 29 CFR 1910, 29 CFR 1926, 29 CFR 1960, 30 CFR 56, Executive Order 12196, DODI 6055.1, AR 40-5, AR 385-10, AR 385-11, and AR 385-40. Where more stringent safety and occupational health standards are set forth in these requirements and regulations, the more stringent standards shall apply.

      • Change 3, dated 1 June 2010
        This manual and its changes outline the personnel qualifications, required equipment and personal protective equipment needed when operating motorboats.

    Engineer Pamphlets

    • EP 1130-2-500
      • Appendix M, Corps of Engineers Motorboat License General Requirements

    Engineer Regulations

    • ER 385-1-91, dated 1 September 2019
      Training, Testing and Licensing of Small Boat Operators
        This regulation establishes the policy and procedures for the training, testing, and licensing of operators of USACE boats less than 26 feet in length. The proper training improves employees’ skills and knowledge and ensures the safe operation of USACE boats.


    • 04/09/21 Annex G to OPORD 2021-25 (Visitor Assistance and Small Boat Operator Training Changes due to COVID-19)
      Alerting you to Annex G to OPORD 2021-25 (Visitor Assistance and Small Boat Operator Training Changes due to COVID-19) that provides interim policy for employees who currently need visitor assistance training to obtain or maintain citation authority and motorboat operation training.

      Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs) and districts are authorized to provide regional visitor assistance and boat operator training courses. All courses must comply with applicable COVID-19 Executive Orders and CDC guidelines. Individuals who are unable to obtain required training to main citation and/or boat operator authority may be granted an additional year of authority as detailed in Annex G.

      Please contact me at or 202-590-6811 if you have any questions.

      Thank you,
      Stephen Austin, Natural Resources Manager

    Other Policy

    • Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA)
      • This AHA was developed specifically for motorboat training classes and should be given to each student as part of their course manual. Instructors should review the AHA at the beginning of each class.
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